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The Outsiders Timeline

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    The Outsiders Timeline

  • Bad: Ponyboy Gets Jumped.

    Bad: Ponyboy Gets Jumped.
    I think this is a significant part of the book because it first told us what the Socs like to do to Greasers. Also, we learned a little bit about Ponyboy.
  • Good: After the Jump.

    I think this a significant part of the book because after he was jumped, it told us about everyone in the gang. It is also important because it gave us a view of the gang.
  • Bad: Johnny Gets Jumped.

    This is big because it showed the abuse Johnny takes. Every time he gets hit he gets more and more scared, and I thinks thats important.
  • Good: The Movie Theater.

    I think that when he meets Cherry Valance in the movie theater, he gets a new perspective of the Socs. She explained to him alot about what he didn't know, and I think that changed some of his veiwpoints.
  • Bad: When Darry Slaps Ponyboy.

    This showed to me how much Ponyboy thinks his brother Darry hates him. I think that he thinks this because he is always yelling at him, and he got tired of it and ran away to Johnny.
  • Bad: Johnny Kills Bob

    I think is a very important because I think it is a turning point in the book. From that moment on, I think that the whole book goes downhill for both Johnny and Ponyboy.
  • Bad: The Church Burns Down.

    This is important because not only did it show the bravery of both Johnny and Ponyboy of saving the children, but Johnny almost died in the fire. This was a scare for everyone.
  • Good: When Ponyboy is Reaquainted with His Family.

    Seeing your family is always good, so I think its important in this book. It not only made Ponyboy happy, but Darry and Sodapop too.
  • Good: Ponyboy Talks to the Man in the Hospital

    He started to open up to people after this. After telling him (the man) I think that it made him feel less guilty for what he did.
  • Good and Bad: The Rumble.

    I think that this gave a motivational boost to the gang, but it got lots of people hurt. This was a very important part of the book.
  • Bad: Johnny Dies.

    This made a very impact to the gang, but mostly Dally. I think that it did him the most damage because he was like his little brother.
  • Bad: Dally Kills Himself.

    I think Johnny's death is the reason for Dally to commit suicide. That was big news for Ponyboy and his friends.
  • Good: Ponyboy Starts to Write What Happened.

    I think this is important because Ponyboy is writing what had happened over the past few months, and is ready to tell everyone. I think that it also had put him back on track in school.