• Jun 24, 1008

    1000 Years Ago

    Dragons fell into a slumber.
  • Jun 24, 1200

    800 Years Ago

    Ancient Race died off - The first Undead were created as a result of the Ancient Race's tampering with life.
  • Jun 24, 1300

    700 - 500 Years Ago

    Other races began populating the world
  • 300 Years Ago

    The Wizard Council was created.
  • 200 Years Ago

    Merfolk leave the other races to their own devices on account of the Wizard Council grasping for too much control over their waters.
  • 150 Years Ago

    Dragons awaken from their slumber and begin wreaking havoc on the world. - Montague the Redgrave begins the dissolution of the Wizard Council and his plans to take over our earth.
  • 1800 Years Ago

    Dragons, Unicorns, and Merfolk came to inhabit the land.