The History of Flight

  • Jan 1, 1500

    Leonardo da Vinci draws plans for human powered flight

    in 1500 Leonardo da Vinci drew plans for human powered flight
  • First demonstrated flight of first hot air balloon

    Brothers Joseph and jaques Montgolfier of France demonstrated flight of the first hot air balloon. It flew 8km across Parris inflated by hot air
  • Jean Pierre Blachared made voyage across english channel

    He traveled in a hot air balloon
  • Sir george Cayley made first glider with wings

    The glider could not carry humans
  • John Stringfellow constructed power driven model airplane

    this model could not carry humans as it is only for plans for future development
  • Henri Giffard flew steam driven airship across Parris

    This airship cannot carry humans
  • Sir George Cayley of England designed a monoplane glider

    This glider could finally carry humans
  • Otto Lilienthat developed methods to control flight

    He figured that gy tilting your body a bit to the side you can turn when in the air
  • First powered flight by Wright brothers

    This plane had a engine attached to it so it could go farther than the glider
  • Galbraith P. Rogers flew across the United States in 49 days

  • First airmail route established in United States

  • First crossing of Atlantic by air

  • 2 planes complete a round the world flight

  • First women to fly across Atlantic by herself

  • First succesfull Helicopter flight

  • Spacecraft Apollo landed on the moon

  • First spaceshuttle is space called Columbia

  • First organic powered plane

  • Plane goes at speed of light

  • Robots drive the planes, new pilots

  • Planes are obsolite new transportation is teleportation