Group of seven

Canadian History 1920-1930 Timeline

  • Spanish Flu

    Spanish Flu
    The Spanish Flu was a flu that gave pneumonia to people. Schools, churches and threatres had to close down to help prevent spread the disease. 50,000 Canadians died due to this flu. The federal Department of Health had to be created in 1919 due to this epidemic. The Department of Health didn't have a lot of impact until the later years.
  • Prohibition

    Prohibition was a law banning alcohol across Canada. This law created new crimes. One of the crimes that were commited were bootleging booze. Soon after they realized that prohibition was hard to enforce so they removed the law.
  • Period: to

    The Roaring Twenties and Dirty Thirties

  • Winnipeg General Strike

    Winnipeg General Strike
    The Winnipeg Gerenal Strike was a strike after the World War 1. They had this strike because the citizens of Winnipeg wanted three things, decent wages (85 cents per hour), an eight hour day, and the right to bargain collectively for better working conditions. In the end, the citizens got a what they wanted.
  • League of Indians

    League of Indians
    The League of Indians was a united voice for Aboriginal nations. The government wanted to set free the aboriginals. This would grant them the right to vote but only if they are not Aboriginals anymore. The Aboriginals refused. In the end, the Aborginals had been banned for raising funds for land claims and traditional ceremonies.
  • Group of Seven's first exhibition

    Group of Seven's first exhibition
    The Group of Seven's first exhibition was held at the Art Gallery of Ontario. The Group of Seven were inspirated by the Canadian landscape, therefore they started to paint the Canadian landscape such as, rivers, lakes, mountains, and open spaces.
  • William Lyon Mackenzie King as Prime Minister

    William Lyon Mackenzie King as Prime Minister
    William Lyon Mackenzie King was elected as the tenth Prime Minister of Canada. He was part of the Liberal party. William Lyon Mackenzie King main objective was to lower the wartime taxes.
  • Insulin

    Insulin is a treatment discovered by Frederick Banting. It is a medicine to help prevent diabetes. Frederick Banting, Charles Best and J.B. Collip helped treat diabetes in the late 1922s. In 1923, Frederick Banting and J.R.R. Macleod got the Nobel Prize for discovering insulin. Banting and Macleod shared their award money with Best and Collip. There is still arguements on who deserved the credit for discovering insulin.
  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    Chinese Exclusion Act
    The Chinese Exclusion Act was an act to ban all Chinese from entering Canada. An exception was if you were a student, merchant or a diplomat. From 1923 - 1947 only eight Chinese people were allowed to come to Canada. On July 1st, 1923 this was called "Humiliation Day" for the Chinese Canadians. After World War 2, on May 14, 1947, they removed the law of banning all Chinese from entering Canada.
  • Royal Canadian Air Force

    Royal Canadian Air Force
    The Royal Canadian Air Force was used for peace keeping. It was used to patrol for forest fires, watch for smugglers crossing Canada's border, and checking fishing boats. The Royal Canadian Air Force used to be just the Canadian Air Force but then after when Britain removed the Canadian Air Force and they couldn't go to war, they started a Royal Canadian Air Force.
  • Emily Murphy wins the Persons Case

    Emily Murphy wins the Persons Case
    The Persons Case was a case where women was fighting for womens rights. Emily Murphy and four other women that wanted rights formed the "Famous Five". They wanted to be called a "person" and start living life just like the men did. Emily Murphy then took action with the other Famous Five and they went to court. In the end, the women got their rights and were called a "person".
  • Black Tuesday

    Black Tuesday
    This was the day the stock market crashed.
    "Anyone who bought stocks in mid-1929 and held onto them saw most of his or her adult life pass by before getting back to even." said Richard M. Salsman. Due to Black Tuesday, the Great Depression formed.
  • Five Cent Speech

    Five Cent Speech
    The Five Cent Speech was a speech said by Mackenzie King in 1930 to avoid the Great Depression. The Five Cent Speech said that he wouldn't give any money who lost their jobs unless that province had a Liberal government. Due to this speech, this lead Mackenzie King out of the election and lead to a new Conservative Prime Minister R.B. Bennett.
  • Foster Hewitt & Hockey Night in Canada

    Foster Hewitt & Hockey Night in Canada
    Foster Hewitt was a play by play broadcaster. He broadcasted his first hockey night game that night. He was famous for his famous quote "He shoots, he scores!"
  • Statute of Westminster

    Statute of Westminster
    The Statute of Westminster was a act that Britain made to grant the colonies that they had to power themselves and become an independent nation. Since Canada wanted to become an independent nation and not a colony of Britain, Britain granted that wish and now Canada is an independent country.
  • S.S. Saint Louis

    S.S. Saint Louis
    The S.S. Saint Louis was a boat that transported Jews from Europe to Canada due to the fact the Hilter was hunting them down. Canada rejected Jews because Canada already had 5,000 Jews living in Canada, therefore they were sent back to Europe and they got executed.