7J The Rockin' 80s

By 7j1980s
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    Rubiks Cube

    The rubiks cube was made in 1974 but got to the height of its popularity in the 1980s. Ernő Rubik was the inventor but the rubiks cube was bought by Ideal Toy Corp. It started in Budapest, Hungary. It was important because "speedcubers started arising and solved the cube quickly. They became popular.[1]
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    World Wide Web Project

    Enquire started a project of collecting databases and software that would turn into the World Wide Web. Although they started it, some one else took the idea and developed it better. The original program was text based. The later one allowed visuals. We use the ones with visuals.<a
  • Chia Pets

    Chia Pets
    Chia pets were made by Joseph Enterprises Inc. It started in San Francisco. It started to get people to like planting hair on clay figures. It was invented in 1977 but became popular in the 1980s. There were different shapes of Chia Pets.[1]
  • Connecticut state police

    Ku Klux Klan leader arrested for violating firearms. They tried to kill the head chef. It happen in Connecticut. The clan is a very big and they kill African americans. They thought they were differnt.
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    Joe montana

    Joe montans led the 49ers to the supper bowl 4 times in the 80's.
    And to the playoffs a few other times.
  • A good day for savers

    The workers wanted better jobs. They did not get them. Alot of people did not go to there job. So they lost alot of money. THey wanted better jops than what they have right now.
  • Jhon Lennen shot

    Jhon Lennen shot
    He was a former Beatles member. It happen New York. He got shot. Alot of people were sad that day. It brought alot of sadness.
  • Iran hostages released

    Iran hostages released
    The U.S. and Iran was involve in it. Iran started it. Iran stoled people. One day Iran gave the hosteges back. The U.S still hate Iran for doing it.
  • Super bowl XV

    Super bowl XV
    The Super Bowl Was Played by Okland and Philidaphea egals.
    This is the score- Oakland 27, Philadelphia Eagles 10.
    The Raiders fonder Al davis founded the NFL. This is one of the few years that John Madden coached the Raiders.
  • Ronald Reagan Shot

    Ronald Reagan Shot
    John Warnock Hinckley is who shot him. Happen outside the Washington Hilton Hotel. He was rush to the Hostble. No major inderies.
  • NASA - Saturn

    The NASA could see the Saturn clearly. They chould see its rings. They chould see Saturn clearly without a telescope. Win they look with the telescope they chould see alot of it.
  • American declare war on drugs

    The americans did not wnat the drugs any more. They thought they were bad. They hated drugs. They thought the only drugs that were good is what doc. gave us. They want to band drugs.
  • Compact Discs were released in the U,S.

    Compact Discs were released in the U,S.
    CDs were brought to the U.S. by CBS Records. It was previously only in Germany. Sony and Philips tested the disc in Germany. The invention of the Compact disc allowed owning music easier. Instead of tapes that could hold very little, CDs could hold more.[1][2] Popular Science Year by Year pg.189
  • Portable Telephones

    Portable Telephones
    DynaTAc brought portable telephones to the U.S. from Europe. The U.S. was able to talk to people wherever they were. They were bulky and the battery life only allowed people to talk for about 30 minutes. It was hard to carry them in pockets but it sold well. It barely fit inside a suitcase.[1] 4/27/13
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    Magic Johnson

    Magic Johnson and Larry Bird played for the Lakers an the were the two most domanate players of the decade.
  • Just winning

    Just winning
    This was a supper bowl that had many fights.
    This is the score-- Raiders 38, Washington Redskins 9.
    The two teams were rivals for years.
  • Computer Mouse

    Computer Mouse
    The mouse revolutionized computing. It first came up when the Apple Macintosh came out. It was the first computer to have one. Douglas Engelbart had worked on it since 1972. The mouse allowed the user to use the interface easier. It allowed icons instead of commands. popular science year by year pg. 186
  • Unstopable

    Ohio State football the team was undeffeted. This was the 5 Year in a row.The team was varry insinc. They were DOMONATE!
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    Disposable Cameras

    Disposable Cameras were introduced in Japan by Fujifilm. The Utsurun-Desu (It takes pictures) had 35mm of film. Because of the popularity, companies like Konica, Canon, and Nikon began making them for the U.S. They allowed people to take pictures but not have to buy an expensive camera. It was a success.<a
  • U.S. space shuttle chanergers

    U.S. space shuttle chanergers
    Michael j. Smith, Dick Scobee, Ronald Mcnair, Christa McAuliffe, Gregory Jarvis, Judith Resnick were in it. It was in Cape Cavern. It killed 7 people. It elepolded.
  • NFL fans go on strike against NFL Players

    NFL fans go on strike against NFL Players
    NFL fangs go on strick. It started in the U.S. Alot of people went on strick. They wanted to pay lest. They were mad how all the NFL people got the money,
  • Carral and the SPRINT

    Carral and the SPRINT
    Carral Lewis was the first Black male to win a gold medal at the olympics in 1988. From then on He was a Hudge romodle for Future Black youths! :)
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    Satellite Television

    Satelite television was brought to the U.S. by Sky TV. The company was stationed in Europe. Satellite television allowed companies to provide television without having to lay down cables. It saved many companies money because cables were expensive. It also allowed easier work.
    popular science year by year pg. 200
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    Better Health Care

    Doctors worked to acheive better medicine. At the time, Aids awareness was being spread. AIDS wasn't cured but other medicines were developed. Healthcare went up because people made more money. People started living longer.<a
  • U.S. hockey

     U.S. hockey
    U.S. men hockey players played won the gold metal. The US won the game with a gold metal. The players were from lake platic new york.
  • Gameboy

    The Nintendo Gameboy was released in Japan. It was the first portable video game console. It allowed people to play video games anywhere. The Japanese release titles were Alleyway, Baseball, Super Mario Land, and Yakuman. The release titles for the American release were Tennis and Tetris.<a
  • Pete rose

    Pete rose
    Pete Rose broke record for hits in1989. After the record he was charged with betting on the game. Then in the end of the seson he was fored out of the MLB.
  • Horse Gambling

    Horse Gambling
    The horse race was one of the biggest race ever. The people who own it got about $50,000. Many gamblers bet a lot of money.
  • Berline Wall Destroyed

    Berline Wall Destroyed
    Who tryed to destroyed the wall is Gunter Schabowski. It happen in germeny but it efected the U.S some way. The separation of Germany was destroyed. It was a bad thing.