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  • 1990 Superbowl

    1990 Superbowl
    Learn more about the SuperbowlIn the 1990s Superbowl the San Fransisco 49ers beat the Denver Boncos with the score of 55-10
  • Seinfeld

    Seinfeld was a very popular tv show. It was ranked #4 and #33 on tv guides 100 greatest episodes of all time. Some of the people who starred in it were Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld, Jerry's friends, and Jerry's aquaintences. It started in the United States. When the first episode aired Fox was supposed to pick up the episode but it didn't so then it had to air on NBC.
  • Home Alone

    Home Alone
    Home Alone was a very funny movie and it was said that it was the most grossing movie of all time. It was about these two men who broke into Kevin McCalister's house. Kevin's parents forgot him at their house on accident while they were on the way to go on vacation. The two burgrlers broke into Kevin's house and tore it apart.
  • Operation Desert Storm Begins

    Operation Desert Storm Begins
    Soviet Union and Iraqi President Saddam Hussein were involved with the Desrt Storm beginning. President of Iraqi sent us a direct threat to the economic interest of the U.S. It happened on Tomahawk land. Attack missiles (TLAMs) launched from cruisers, destroyers and battleships in the Persian Gulf and Red Sea. The initial barrage of over 100 TLAMs took out heavily defended targets in the vicinity of Baghdad and made a critical contribution to eliminating Iraqi air defenses and command.
  • Rodney King Verdict Incites Riots

    Rodney King Verdict Incites Riots
    Rodney led the cops on a high speed chase. Then, when they caught him and took him to court they called him not guilty. This happened in Los Angeles, California.
  • Willie Banks

    Willie Banks
    to learn more about Willie Banks click here Willie Banks was invited to the Big League baceball in 1991 by the Minnesota Twins.
  • Rollerblading

    Rollerblading was very popular in the 1990's because people liked playing sports and they made it a sport. People also used it as an exercise. They also found tricks to do with them too! Like going backwords. Lots of people enjoyed it.
  • Bill Nye the Science guy tv show

    Bill Nye the Science guy tv show
    Bill Nye started his tv show in Washington D.C. Kids could watch his show and learn more about science and how it works. He started is show in 1993. It ended in 1998. People watched his show all around the world. You can buy his shows on dvd now.
  • Bill Clinton became the First Democratic Presdient since President Roosevelt

    Bill Clinton became the First Democratic Presdient since President Roosevelt
    Bill Clinton became the first Democratic President since Franklin Roosevelt. This happened at the White house because Bill Clinton got elected there. (That's where all presidents get elected) The government, senator, and Bill Clinton were involved with Bill Clintons election.
  • The Bombing of the World Trade Center

    The Bombing of the World Trade Center
    Islamic extremist groups were responsible. It killed 6 people and injured thousands. It happened in New York. Two months before the bombing the conspirators gathered materials needed for the terrorist attack. They resided in New Jersey and rented storage space that was used as a staging area for the bomb and subsequent loading of it into a Ryder rental van. The terrorists drove the 1,500-pound bomb into the basement area of the World Trade Center, set the timer and left.
  • Paul Wylie

    Paul Wylie
    To learn more about these peoplePaul Wylie beats gold skating metalist Brian Boitano at DuraSoft Colors World Challenge of Champions.
  • Midwest Flood

    Midwest Flood
    There was a HUGE flood in April of 1993. It was called the Midwest Flood. The Mississippi and Missouri rivers flooded. It was soo big that they have to drain 100 gallons every year. The midwest grounds were already wet and soggy from rain and snow, so then when the flood happened it made it even worse. Flooding in the midwest was from the Mississippi and Missouri rivers.
  • Julie Krone

    Julie Krone
    Click here if you want to learn more about Julie KroneWas the first woman horse rider to win triple crown race as colonial
  • Gail Devers

    Gail Devers
    to see more about Gail Devers click here` Gail Devers became the first woman to wim both 100 merer and 100 meter hurdles in 45 years.
  • Shannon Miller

    Shannon Miller
    if you want to learn more about Shannon Miller Shannon Miller becane the first woman to win Consecutive All-Around titles.
  • Oklahoma City Bombing

    Oklahoma City Bombing
    Timothy McVeigh parked his truck by the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He put a bomb inside his truck. Police, many people that were affected by the bombing, and of course Timothy McVeigh were involved. He injured hundreds and killed 168 people. In 2001, McVeigh was executed for his crimes. Terry Nichols was a co-conspirator and got life in prison. Until September 11, 2001, the Oklahoma City bombing was the worst terrorist attack to to take place on U.S. soil.
  • Monica Seles

    Monica Seles
    [click to lear more](http:///espn.go.com/abcsports/wwos/milestones/1990s.html)Monica Seles a pro tennis platyer, playing tenisa at the Special Olympics World Games when a creep comes down and stabbed her.
  • Larry the Cable Guy tv show

    Larry the Cable Guy tv show
    This tv show came out in 1996. The show is said to be the most top grossing tv show of all time. People say that it is also very funny. It tells about jobs and what some people have to do for their jobs. It was started in the US. Now it is showed all over the world.
  • Flight 800 explodes over the Atlantic Ocean

    Flight 800 explodes over the Atlantic Ocean
    A lot of people were involved when Flight 800 exploded over the Atlantic Ocean, including 230 people, Captain Steven Snyder, and the flight attendants. It took off from New York and it was supposed to go to Paris, France. 12 minutes after take off, from the John F. Kennedy International Airport, flight 800 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. It remains the third-deadliest aviation accident to occur in U.S. territory.
  • Atlanta Olympic Bombings

    Atlanta Olympic Bombings
    Two people were killed and 111 people were wounded. It happened at Centennial Park, in Atlanta Geogia. Eric Robert Rudolph is responsible for the bombings. He also is a Christian terrorist responsible for a series of anti-abortion and anti-gay-motivated bombings across the southern United States between 1996 and 1998. Those bombings killed two people and injured at least 150 others. The Federal Bureau of Investigation considers him a terrorist.
  • Rudy Galindo

    Rudy Galindo
    If you feel like you need to know more about Rudy Galindo press on link He won his first professional title, he started skating with his sister, parents bought a house instead of a large trailer.
  • Tara Lipinski

    Tara Lipinski
    [if you want to lear more about Tara Lipinski click here](http:///espn.go.com/abcsports/wwos/milestones/1990s.html)Tata Lipinski is a talented figureskater and became the youngest skater in history.
  • Arie Luyendyk

    Arie Luyendyk
    click to learn more about Arie Luyendyk he became the seventh man to win the Indy 500 twice in a year, and over a speed of his average speed over 500 mph.
  • Harry Pottter books

    Harry Pottter books
    J.K Rowling wrote the Harry Potter books. Lots of people liked the books because everyone said they were very interesting. They first came out in Manchester, London in 1997. The Harry Potter books now come in 200 languages in 60 countries.
  • Princess Diana Dies in a Car Accident

    Princess Diana Dies in a Car Accident
    Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed, Trevor Rees Jones, and their bodyguard, and photographers were involved. It happened in Paris, France. Henri Paul and Dodi Fayed were killed instantly. Princess Diana died later. Rees Jones is still alive.
  • Titanic Movie

    Titanic Movie
    This movie was a very important movie. The Titanic sunk in the Atlanitc Ocean on April 15, 1912. It was the largest money making movie of all time. Some of the characters in the Titanic were Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Kathy Bates, Frances Fisher, Gloria Stewert, Bill Paxton, Bernard Hill, and David Warner. These were just some of the many main characters that played a roll in Titanic.
  • Giant Twister inflatable

    Giant Twister inflatable
    Children and teenagers could now play twister on a inflatable mat. It could play disco hits from the 70's. Kids could play on that for lots of hours and not even be tired out. It started out in the United States. It isn't very popular anymore but people still have them.
  • The Littletown, Colorado School Shooting

    The Littletown, Colorado School Shooting
    for more information click here
    Two students carrying bombs were responisble for the deaths of 13 people. 12 students were killed and one teacher.
  • Star Wars Episode 1

    Star Wars Episode 1
    Star Wars first came out in the United States but then spread through out the world. It was a very popular movie because people liked aciton movies.
  • Goosebumps the books

    Goosebumps the books
    Goosebumps started as books but then turned into a movie. People could now have a new book to read. Goosebumps started out in Ohio in July 1999. R.L Stine wrote the Goosebumps books in 1999. R.L Stine currently lives in New York with his dog and his son.