7B/ Franchesca - Independent Reading #1 Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days By Jeff Kinney

Timeline created by Hilda Franchesca
  • The Start of Summer Break

    It's the start of summer break and Greg usually spends his summer playing video games the whole day in the dark, but this summer, his mom wanted him to be more productive. Greg's mom thinks that kids these days don't bother to spend their time out, so she made a club for the neighborhood kids to join, a reading club, where Greg and many other kids were forced to join by their parents.
  • Summer so far

    The reading club started to lose its members until it was just Greg. They had to disband the club but Greg's mom still didn't want Greg to just play video games, instead he spent majority of it with Rowley. They hanged out at Rowley's family's resort and pool. Until one day Mr. Jefferson, Rowley's dad, came to Greg's house with a $83 check. All those times Rowley and Greg ordered drinks, they put Mr. Jefferson's account on the tab without knowing they actually had to pay for it.
  • Making Money

    Both Greg and Rowley had no money to pay off the check back at the resort so they had to find ways to make money. First they made an ad to do some chores for money and hung them up all over the neighborhood. They spent quite a bit of their summer break working to make money to pay off the debt. Until the two got into a fight; Greg wanted to sit in the shade and work on their 'business' and Rowley should go work on mowing the lawn. Rowley wanted it to be 50-50, and left.
  • Family Vacation

    One day Greg and his family decided to go out as a family and spend some time together at the beach. Due to lightning the water park had to be close, as they exit out there was a huge traffic going on as the rained poured hard. They were low on gas and had to turn of the air conditioner, and the mood was really dull. Greg's mom was starting to have a headache. On the way home, they felt as if their time had been wasted.
  • New Buddy

    Greg's grandfather came over to drop off a package. Inside the big box was a puppy! They named the puppy 'Sweetie.' Sweetie would sleep on Greg's bed but, at the very middle. Greg would have to sleep at the very edge of his bed where he could almost fall off. Every morning Sweetie would bark so early in the morning, annoying Greg. Sweetie was only nice to mom, and Greg was starting to understand why his dad didn't want a dog.
  • Nearing the end of summer

    Greg and his mom bumped into the Jefferson's while grocery shopping, and Mrs. Jefferson invited Greg to join them on their vacation. Greg's mom agreed to and Rowley and Greg looked at each other funny. They had to sleep together and be together for the whole trip which was really awkward for them. Overtime, they slowly started to bond again and forgave each other. As summer came to an end, schools were opening up. Greg's mom made an album of pictures of the summer, one that they spent together.