development of tourism act 1969

  • improved education

    the level of education achieved by people from all different parts of society has improved since the 1960's with more students going to university and more people getting at least a level 2 qualification for example a GCSE. improved education means more people know about the world and its possibilities and we are also curious about different cultures so we travel to see these different cultures and experience them
  • development of tourism act 1969

    this was basically when they created the british tourist authority and tourist boards for england scotland and wales. The act's objective was to co-ordinate all the organisations that make up the tourism sector and provide it with one single voice.
  • Period: to

    development of tourism

  • transport act 1980

    this act ended licensing regulations affecting express coach routes and tours of over 30 miles. it led to compeition between national bus a public run company and private companies
  • transport act 1985

    this brought about wholesale deregulation. this meant that all private companies could operate on any route.
  • package travel,package holiday and package tours regulations 1992

    as a result of of somebody called EC directive since 1992 all of the uk tour operators that are offering package holidays have been subject to the package holiday travel regulations. The regulations set out the tour operators responsiblities to their customers and what those customers can do if the regulations are breached.
  • air passenger duty

    in 1996 air passenger duty was reduced on economy flights,removing a barrier to the growth of inbound tourism but however in 2006 it was greatly increased and futher increases have been planned in november 2010 which has caused controversy in the industry
  • tourism strategy

    this is A growth industry for the new millenium the goverment published its tourist strategy in 1999 and it is still valid today but it has been reviewed.
  • online check in for airlines

    this means that people can check in through the internet which is better service for the customer because it is more easy and less stress free to check in online and it saves you waiting in the queue.
  • destination development

    as the world realises the economic benefits tourism brings more goverment spent more money on attracting tourists from overseas this makes more people go on holiday because the tourist facilities are better.
  • increased income and expectations

    we are a much more wealthier nation so we can afford more holidays and have much more higher expectations than in the past. now most people have been aboard and most people expect to take at least one holiday a year