Southern battles of the revolutionary

  • battle of vincennes

    though american and french forces intially one the battle of vincennes but when their forces left it was captured by the british
  • Battle of Savannah

    The battle of savannah was the first of the britishes strategy to gain control of the southern colonies.
  • The Battle of Vincennes

    The Indians were allied with Britain because they didn't like the Colonists who where protruding onto their hunting grounds. One British general said that he would reward the Indians for every scalp they brought him from a colonist.
  • Battle of cowpens

    the battle of cowpens was a patriot effort to regain south carolina.The americans retreated from there original postion to suprise the british and catch them off gaurd.
  • The Seige of Charelston

    the forced surrender at charelston was a great loss of equiptment and men for the american forces
  • Battle of Camden

    british general charles Cornwallis routed american soldiers10km north which immensly strengthed british control on the carolinas
  • The Battle of Kings Mountain

    The battle of king mountain was important because of the aid of the american loyalists to the british yet all loyalists were either killed or captured.
  • The Battle of Guilford courthouse

    The battle of guilford court house was important although it was a loss for the patriots but this battle led cornwallis to yorktown were his surrender ended the war
  • yorktown

    british general cornwallis surrenders ending the revoultionary war.