• War

    Japan invades Manchuria. They take over Manchuria and fight the Soviets on the border of Mongolia and Manchuria.
  • Burning of Reichstag

    This was an inncodent put on by Hitler to show he was in charge and protected them in emergency situtation. The is right after the tortures, executions, and fights happened.
  • Political Party

    Nazi’s elected only political party in Germany. This showed Hitler was gaining a lot of power. He was/becoming the fuhrer of Germany.
  • Rebel

    Germany quits league of nations. They are now starting to rebel and rip of Treaty of Versailles.
  • Austria

    Germans kill Austrian Chancellor. This really secures Hitler's powers. They then somewhat control Austria.
  • Leader

    Germanys President Hindenburg Dies. Hitler then becomes leader and there is never another president in Germany.
  • Fuhrer Of Germany

    Hitler became Fuhrer of Germany. The power gain was almost unstoppable now. If you weren't who he liked he'd most likely kill you.
  • Second Sino-Japenese War

    This war was fought between Republic China and Japan. It was responsible for more than 50% of casualities in Pacfic War.
  • Invasion

    Soviets invade Poland and and split it up in 12 days.
  • Triple Alliance

    Japan, Germany, and Italy sign the pact of "axis." This partitioned Europe into 3 zones if influence.