The Turn of the Century: 1900-1910

By 425856
  • Theodore Roosevelt Becomes President

    Theodore Roosevelt Becomes President
    William McKinley was killed by an assassin and Roosevelt comes into office, bringing with an imperialist foreign policy.
  • Trans-Siberian Railroad Completed

    Trans-Siberian Railroad Completed
    The Russians finished this railroad that opened up large scale access and shipping to the region.
  • Panama Canal Starts Construction

    Panama Canal Starts Construction
    The Panama Canal was needed for both shipping and war puposes. After a conflict with purchasing the land from Colombia, the United States backed up a Panamanian revolution against Colombia. We got the land for 10 million dollars and construction began in 1904.
  • Roosevelt Corollary

    Roosevelt Corollary
    This revision on the Monroe Doctrin stated that the United States would only intervene in foreign countries if they collapsed or were damaging the U.S. economy.
  • Roosevelt Settles Dispute in Asia

    Roosevelt Settles Dispute in Asia
    Russia and Japan were at war and Roosevelt came up with a treaty to satisfy them both. He succeeded in keeping trade in China open to all nations.
  • Theory of Relativity Established

    Theory of Relativity Established
    Albert Einstein finds the Theory of Relativity, explaining how gravity functions and actually bends space. The theory was not proven until many years later, when during a solar eclipse the gravity of the sun bended light from stars behind it and a picture was taken.
  • The FDA and Meat Inspection Act

    The FDA and Meat Inspection Act
    Due to unsanitary conditions in most factories, congress passed these laws to inspect all meats, foods, and drugs for public sale. This was a huge expansion of government activity.
  • The Great White Fleet

    The Great White Fleet
    Roosevelt sent some of the U.S. Navy on a cruise around the world, bragging somewhat about our Navy.
  • William Taft Elected Into Office

    William Taft Elected Into Office
    Taft was a distinguished lawyer from Ohio and did not have the same foreign policy as Roosevelt. He supported investing in foreign countries and and wanted to keep an open door with Asia.
  • Robert Perry Reaches the North Pole

    Robert Perry Reaches the North Pole
    Perry was the first man to reach the North Pole after a month on Arctic Ice. Many of his crew died.