Abraham Lincoln ET

  • Abe was born

    When Lincoln was born in Kentucky, his family was very poor, they lived in a log cabin. When he got older like in his toddler years he moved in another log cabin.
  • Toddler years

    When he was a toddler, his family moved in to another log cabin. There was a creek, he neerly drownded in it but his neighbor pulled him out.
  • The jouney

    He went ona 100 mile jouney, he said it was the hardest experient ofr his life.
  • The milk sickness

    His mom came down with the milk sickness, and died, it really effected him in his professional life.
  • Mr. Tall

    When he was 16 he was 6 feet tall!!!!!!
  • Something tragic

    His sister died while giving birth to her first child
  • Law school

    Saw the inside of a law school.
  • Running again?

    He ran for State Legislature again.
  • Passed

    Lincoln passed his exames.
  • love at first site

    lincoln met merry,lincoln perposed,merry said yes
  • lincoln gets married

    lincoln gets married to merry
  • Lincoln was elected president for the firs time

    Lincoln was electid as president
  • lincolns inaugrantion

    lincoln was choosen to be president.
  • The war

    The civil war begun
  • Rummers

    Word spred that on Sunday McDowell would make his attac.
  • Sad, sad, sad

    willie lincolns son died.
  • Emancipation Proclamation

    Lincoln finaly freed the slaves
  • The Gettysburg

    He gave the Gettysburg adress.
  • Electid as president for the second time

    He was president for the second time.
  • The war ended

    The civil war ended
  • Shot

    Lincoln was shot and died the day after
  • Lincoln died

    Lincoln was shot and died