75th Congress (Jan 3, 1937 - Jan 3, 1939)

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    1st session

  • Second inauguration of Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Second inauguration of Franklin D. Roosevelt
    The second Inauguration of president Roosevelt was a major event in history because he was the first president to be inaugurated on jan. 20 and went on to serve 3 full terms and was elected for a fourth time, then died days later.set up the basis for the 20th amendment which limits future presidents to a maximum on 2 full terms (10 years)
  • Roosevelt's court-packing plan

    Roosevelt's court-packing plan
    or Judicial Procedures Reform Bill of 1937, was a legislative proposal by president Roosevelt in order to add more supreme court justices. The bill would have allowed the president to appoint up to 6 more justices. senate later rejected the plan.
  • William Henry Hastie

    William Henry Hastie
    First African-American appointed as a federal judge. Appointed by president Roosevelt. served 2 years then went on to become the dean of Howard University school of law.
  • National Labor Relations Board v. Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation

     National Labor Relations Board v. Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation
    The United States Supreme court case that declared the National Labor Relations act constitutional. Which was the relationship between the employers and the workers labor unions.
  • Neutrality Act of 1937

    Neutrality Act of 1937
    The Neutrality Acts of 1937 was a proposal made by congress in order to remain neutral during events that eventually led to World War II. Essentially the United States would not give support to the european/asian war efforts. Although Roosevelt's "cash & carry" idea proved to counter this effort.
  • Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act

    Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act
    This act reaffirmed the details of the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933, which instructed farmers to decrease the production of crops and livestock in order to increase the value of these resources. This also set up marketing orders which helped create stable markets for dairy products, fruits, and vegatables during a unstable economy.
  • National Cancer Institute Act

    National Cancer Institute Act
    The National Cancer Institute Act just establishes the National Cancer Institute (NCI) as the primary independent research institute. The goal was to lead a national fight against cancer, the legislation just extended the responsibilities of the NCI group.
  • Franklin Roosevelt's Quarantine speech

    Franklin Roosevelt's Quarantine speech
    Speech given by president Roosevelt in Chicago which called for an international quarantine of the aggressor nations. This was an alternative to the usuall neutralistic approach of the US. Although no specific nations were mentioned, japan, italy, and germany seemed to be the target subjects. This aded economic pressure, and force without direct conflict.
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    2nd session

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    3rd session

  • Wheeler-lea Act

    Wheeler-lea Act
    This Act amended the section 5 code of the Federal Trade Commission which now protects both competitors as well as consumers from unlawful false advertising and other practices.
  • Foreign Agents Registration Act

    Foreign Agents Registration Act
    A United States law that requires that all individuals involved with foreign affairs be identified to the public. All foreign activities and major concepts were made public. The events that led to WWII urged public understanding because of germany's propaganda and public relations. served as a way to avoid internal conflic in the states.
  • Natural Gas Act

    Natural Gas Act
    The Natural Gas Act was established in order to regulate the natural gas industry. The interstate gas trasmission companies were becoming manopolistic and prices were well over competitor rates. The regulation was left to the Federal Power Commission which is now known as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
  • Civil Aeronautics Act

    Civil Aeronautics Act
    This act just transfered the responsibilities of aviation (non-military) from the the Bureau of Air Commerce to the Civil Aeronautics Authority. Also gave the CAA the power to regulate airline fares and carrier routes.
  • Fair Labor Standards Act

    Fair Labor Standards Act
    Wages and Hours bill. established a national minimum wage and guaranteed time-and-a-half for overtime hours. Also prohibited child labor that was defined as oppressive.
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    House of Representatives pie chart
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    Senate pie chart