Melissa Dilan

  • She is born in San Juan, PR

  • Begins attending Carvin School, Inc. (Elementary)

    Stays in Carvin School all her 12 academic years.
  • Takes a trip to Florida

  • Attends Bailos, back in the days a sophisticated school of dancing arts for 7 months.

    Bailos Video Instructor: John Jon
  • Takes trip to New York. - Graduates from HS w/Honors.

  • Briefly meets Bill Clinton at job site (Ritz Carlton) during visit. (Month and day still need to be verified, still unclear)

    Date still needs to be researched.
  • Briefly meets Jennifer Lopez at job site (Ritz Carlton) during visit.

  • Resides in Missouri - Takes trip to Michigan.

  • Resides in Illinois - Resides in Puerto Rico.

  • Attends Ocean's Twelve Movie Extras Casting in Chicago, IL

  • Resides in Florida

  • Has her first child, a boy!

  • Briefly Interviews scientist George Wetherill (4 months before he dies -RIP) on the phone for a college assignment.

  • Has her second child, a boy!

  • Obtains a BA in Education & Graduates w/Summa Cum Laude

  • She begins her writing journey, first experience

  • Has her third child, a girl!

  • Meets and sustains a friendly conversation with actor Rob Mayes (Ice Castles: 2010) at job site.

  • Briefly interviews on the phone her friend Jason Craig (Comic book artist and writer) for her blog.

  • Transitions from a blogger to a blogger, content writer, commentator, and entrepeneurial journalist

  • She is mentioned by Michelle Rivera (Emmy Award Winner TV Host) in her twitter account.

  • Becomes the Vice President of Kendra Wilkinson's Official Fan Club: United for Kendra

  • Wendy Williams (author, former tv host, and current tv host) answers Melissa's question during Wendy's first time ever live chat!