Southern Battles of the Revolutionary War

By acm777
  • Battle of Vincennes (1)

    American general Clarke, with a Virginia milita, crossed the Ohio River to take several villages under British control by surprise, and won without firing a single shot. This is due to the mostly French-speaking and Native American people in the villages not wanting to fight for Britain.
  • Battle of Savannah

    Also known as the Siege of Savannah. The Americn forces, numbering ~700, tried to defend Savannah in a feeble attempt. 8,500 British troops were sent into Savannah. While the Americans tried to set up a line of defense, they were crushed by the overwhelming numbers of the British army. Britain held Savannah for the rest of the war.
  • Battle of Vincennes (2)

    Clarke led his men across what is now Illinois, 180 miles. Vincennes was entered in two divisions- one by Clarke himself, and the second by American general Bowman. An illusion was created so that it appeared 1,000 men were approaching. Building a trench, he fired at a fort, and commanded an unconditional surrender within 30 minutes. After a skirmish by French and Native Americans, Clarke's most controversial battle, the terms of surrender were accepted by the British.
  • Battle of Charleston

    British general Clinton set out for Charleston. On March 10, 1780, he and his army arrived on the mainland. He set off to cut off Patriot general Lincoln from reinforcements. He set Charleston under siege, and fanned out the British troops to aurround the city. Clinto demanded surrender, while Lincoln wanted to negotiate. After heavy bombardment, Lincoln surrendered. It was the greatest loss in American manpower and equipment in the war.
  • Battle of Camden

    General Clinton took over General Howe's spot on the British side. He captured Charleston, the providental capital of South Carolina. Patriot general Cornwallis was then given the task of re-taking South Carolina. A second American army threatened the British. The battle took place between two swamps, and the British won this battle.
  • Battle of Kings Mountain

    Loyalists rallied an attack on Patriots. The majority of the Patriot forces fired "from the mountains". Surrounding the Loyalists, they gave a cry of "no prisoners". In the end, 700 Loyalists were captured and 300 were killed- the entire force!
  • Battle of Cowpens

    War in the southern colonies had become a stalement. Determined to break the stalement, American generals Greene and Morgan took command of a split army and manuvered to Cowpens, South Carolina. They took the British troops by surprise and broke their ranks. The British lost 99 men, with 829 captured; the Americans lost 12 men and 60 were wounded.
  • Battle of Guilford Court House

    Outnumbered by the Americans, the British advanced up an area cleared for grazing. The Calvaries of Washington and Lee held a bridge. Charging, the British repelled American assaults. The Americans suffered heavy casualties and were forced to retreat.
  • Battle of Yorktown

    Also known as the Siege of Yorktown. Six years of fighting had worn the British down, and made them want to find a way to negoitiate the conflict to an end. Aided by the French, Washington led the army, and was shot at by British cannons. The Americans and French set up their own cannons, and fired back. On the 16th, even more American and French cannons were stationed, and on the 17th, the British surrendered by means of a drummer boy followed by an officer waving a white handkercheif.