The War in the North, 1775-1776

By DipalP
  • The Battle of Lexington and Concord

    The British fired a shot at the Colonist Militia. They were forced to reatreat for the time being, then at the Old North Bridge the flow of the battle was turned and the Colonist gained high land and they fired back at the British and forced them to retreat.
  • Period: to

    Revolutionary War (1775-1778)

  • The Siege of Ford Ticonderoga

    Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold took command of 100 men and slipped into the Fort at early dawn and Arnold yelled "come out of there, you damned old rat!" They quickly made the commander of the fort surrender the fort to the two Colonist leaders.
  • The Battle of Chelsea Creek

    This battle took place on the islands of Boston Harbor. The colonists again won this battle and this was their first naval capture. And this battle also encouraged the Colonists to get their Independence.
  • The Battle of Bunker (Breeds) Hill

    This battle is called the Battle of Bunker Hill but the battle took place on a different hill called Breeds Hill due to a mistake by the Colonists. The colonists survived two waves of attack by the British but on the third try they lost due to lack of ammunition.
  • The Battle of Quebec

    This battle was an attempt to capture the city of Quebec and drive the British out of there and ask for the Canadians' support. The twist was that the people of Quebec took both sides, there were people giving ammo and support to the Colonists and there were people who opposed them. However, the Colonists failed capturing the city and it made this their first biggest loss. They also faced heavy casualties in this battle.
  • The Battle of Long Island (Brooklyn Heights)

    In this battle, General Howe from Britain commanded his troops against General Charles and won the battle. After that the Colonists moved to Brooklyn Heights and George Washington got 9000 men ready for battle against 20,000 men of Britain. After long battle, Washington realized he had lost so he decided to retreat at the right time and when the British reached their trenches, they were empty which made the British victorious but Washington and his troops survived to fight for another day.
  • The Battle of White Plains

    This was another battle of Sir William Howe and George Washington. Washington finally had a real permenant army. The Germans participated in this war also on British's side. In the end British won this battle and cause a small number of casualties on the Colonists and also took some amount of casualties themselves.
  • The Battle of Fort Washington

    This battle is when Washington tries to defend his fort from Howe. This battle included 3000 soldiers from America and 8000 soldiers from Britain. This was won by Britain who had the advantae with a large number. Most of the Colonists in this battle were captured by the British.
  • George Washington writing to Joseph Spencer

    George Washington writes a letter to Joseph Spencer about what is happening at Trenton and he is hoping that Spencer would agree with his fellow people and not go by his heart.
  • "The American Crisis" by Thomas Paine

    He talks about the war going on. He currently is not really taking any sides and does not wish to speak about this.
  • The Battle of Trenton

    After a long time finally the Americans wins this battle. The American this time out-numbered the British and won over them, capturing many of the British troops under the command of Johann Rall.
  • The Battle of Princeton

    Another great victory at New Jersey by Washington. This battle was very similar to the battle of Trenton. Just like the last one, Washington again out-numbered the British and beat them and captured most of their enemies in the battlefield.
  • The Conduct of the Enemy

    This is a report given by the Committee of the Continental Congress. This is stating what the enemy has done to us and how they have caused us many caulties.
  • The Battle of Oriskany

    This was one of the bloodiest battles that occured in the North America. Although colonist had more people, the British won over them. In this battle, the colonists lost a lot of men and found many casualties.
  • The Battle of Bennington

    This was one of the battles that were won by the colonists. The British this time had many casualties and lost a lot of men.
  • The Battle of Brandywine

    Another battle that was one by the Americans rebelling against British. This was one of the most interesting battles because colonists were out-numbered by the British and they lost way more lives than the British but they still pulled through and won this battle.
  • The Battle of Saratoga (Freeman's farm)

    Another one of the battles won by the Americans and it was a decisive battle.
  • The Battle of Germantown

    The Americans had 2000 more men but they still brought shame and let the British win this battle.
  • The Battle of Saratoga (Bemis Heights)

    The Americans won this battle with even amount of people as the British and they captured most of the British that fought in that battle.
  • Diary of Albigence Waldo

    This is a diary that states what was happening during the winter to the soldiers. It is saying that the winter is making a lot of soldiers sick and making them suffer.
  • Letter from Geroge Washington to the Continental Congress

    This is a letter to the Continental Congress stating the status of Washington and his men. He said that he has not recieved any supplies and his troops are really sick and some of them are in the Hospital.
  • Letter from George Washington to John Banister

    He is thanking John Banister for letting Washington make a real permanent army.
  • The Battle of Monmouth

    It was mostly a draw but it is said that the Americans won this battle with a great amout of casulties.
  • The Capture of Savannah

    This was unfourtunatly a loss for the Americans and the British won. The Americans were out-numbered by a lot of men and they got completely destroyed.