A Stud Literacy Timeline

  • Future English teacher is born

    In the Naval Hospital in Oakland, CA
  • Period: to

    My Literary Life

  • Discovered Dr. Seuss

    Discovered Dr. Seuss
    Green Eggs and Ham was my favorite. My older brothers would try to skip pages when reading to me but I knew the book so well they couldn't get away with it.
  • Memorized first book

    Memorized first book
    My mom was more patient than my brothers: she read Miss Twiggly's Tree to me so many times that I had the book memorized in no time.
  • Started Kindergarten

    Started Kindergarten
    I attended Cinnabar School
  • Men land on the moon

    Re-creation of Apollo 11
    I remember watching the landing on TV and being so utterly amazed that a man could be walking on that glowing orb in the sky. It awakened me to endless possibilities.
  • Moved

    We moved across town. I attended Orchard Elementary School
  • School Play

    School Play
    I portrayed the Wicked Witch of the West in our production of the Wizard of Oz
  • Discovered Gone with the Wind

    Discovered Gone with the Wind
    My first time, of many, reading the classic.
  • Discovered GREAT literature

    Discovered GREAT literature
    Read, among other things, Pride and Prejudice, The Crucible, Huck Finn, Shakespeare.
    My desire to be a teacher is solidified with desire to teach English.
  • Graduated High School

    Graduated High School
    Graduated with Honors
  • Graduated college

    Graduated college
    Brigham Young University
    B.A. in English education
  • Period: to

    Taught Job Corps

    First realized how blessed I was to be able to read and enjoy the written word. I taught HS dropouts, some who were functionally illiterate. We focused on basic survival reading for a job. It was eyeopening to realize that not everyone was read to as a child and not everyone loved reading as I do.
  • Period: to

    Focused on raising my own future readers

    Importance of Reading
    I stepped out of the work world for 14 years to focus on raising five beautiful children. I shared with my children my love of reading. They all experienced different struggles in literacy and school but happily all love to read.
  • Period: to

    A teaching career resumed

    I stepped back into the work world teaching HS and middle school Language Arts. I have also been a Library Media Specialist. Through the years I have tried to share my love for the written word with my students, my collegues, my family and anyone who will listen. BOOKS ARE FUN!!
  • One CLASSIC example

    Who's on First?
    The classic "Who's on First?" shows me that language can be manipulated to be so FUNNY!!