Northern Battles

  • battle of lexington

    battle of lexington
    The battle of lexington took place because 700 british soliders were sent to destroy guns and amunition that the colonists were storeing in concord.
  • siege of boston

    siege of boston
    the siege of boston was part of the introduction to the revolutionary war.the american soldiers surrounded the british so they couldnt expand.
  • battle at bunker hill

    battle at bunker hill
    This battle took place on the on the charlestown pennisula on the north side of the boston harbor. This battle was fought because the americans wanted to drive the british away from charlestown.
  • battle of harlem heights

    This battle was over Brooklyn New York. The British wanted complete control over New York, and the Hudson River. George washinton made a slick move as he pulled hsi troops and went to Manhatan by boat and this saved his army. But in the end the Britsh won and took over New York
  • battle of trenton

    battle of trenton
    Battle of trenton took place during the American revolution after George Washington crossed the deleware north of trenton new jersey.
  • battle of princeton

    battle of princeton
    Princeton is loacted In New Jersey. This battle was between George Washington's army and General Lord Cornwallis. Cornwallis tryed ciruculing George Washingtons and his army, but they did not succeed as George Washintong's army won.
  • battle of germantown

    battle of germantown
    This battle took place in Philiadelphia, Pensylvania. George Washington Planned this attack at night to suprize the british. British won this battle so they were able to hold on to Pensylavania.
  • battle of brandywine creek

    battle of brandywine creek
    Battle of brandywine took place becuase the British wanted to capture the capital of Philidelphia. Washington lined his troops up ont he brandywine river to protech the capital
  • battle of saratoga

    battle of saratoga
    This battle took place on the Hudson river in New York
  • battle of monmouth

    battle of monmouth