The 21st Amendment

  • Prohibition is proposed

    The 18th Amendment was added to the constitution banning the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcoholic beverages. However, the Amendment did not take effect until January 17th, 1920.
  • Volstead Act was passed by Congress

    The failure of the Volstead Act trying to reinforce prohibition also helped lead to the 21st Amendment.
  • Prohibition Begins

    The actual amendment takes effect beginning the dry nation of no alcohol.
  • John D. Rockefeller's letter.

    In 1932 John D. Rockefeller wrote a letter telling about how the 18th Amendment is actually causing more drinking, and more crime.
  • The 21st Amendment was proposed

    The 21st Amendment was proposed
    Although the amendment was not actually adopted until December 1933
  • The 21st Amendment was added to the Constitution.

    The 21st Amendment was added to the Constitution.
    The 21st Amendment was added to the Constitution which through the 18th Amendment out. So then businesses had to buy their liquoir lisences back,
  • Prohibition Laws Completely gone.

    By 1966, all states had repealed their state prhibition laws making alcohol legal everywhere.
  • Mississippi

    Mississippi was the last state to lift the prohibition ban and stop the dry nation.
  • Kansas Bars

    Kansas continued to prohibit public bars until 1987, even after all the state prohibition laws had been lifted
  • Cullen-Harrison Act was signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt

    The Cullen-Harrison Act legalized the sale in the United States of beer with an alcohol content of 3.2% and wine with a similarly low. This became effective on April 7, 1993