The Evolution of Instant Messaging and the Internet Worldwide

By guichen
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    The Evolution of Instant Messaging

  • NATO War

    NATO's war (24 Mar 99-20 Jun 99) with Serbia, is dubbed 'Web War I', due to an extensive bi-lateral use of the Web and email for information/disinformation purposes. The conflict in Kosovo is the first war in history to have its own home page (Coates 1999). The other major international media's wars are: WWI (press), WWII (radio), Vietnam War (TV) (Ciolek, notes, Apr 1999).
  • Windows launches MSN Messenger

    Featured simple IM capabilities, a contact list and access to AIM buddies.
  • is created

    launched by Evan Williams, Paul Bausch, and Meg Hourihan. This blogging tool "quickly became the largest and best-known of its kind.
  • Barnes &Nobles announces they will start offering "print on demand books"

    IBM will provide the technology and manufacturing components for the operation, which will eventually be available at all Barnes & Noble distribution centers, starting at the Jamesburg, N.J., facility in spring 2000 (Wilcox 1999).
  • The multi-protocol IM client Jabber launches

    Allows IM users to access all their buddy lists within one client for the first time.
  • America Online (AOL) passes the 32 million subscriber mark

  • Wikipedia (a Wiki-based online encyclopedia project) has over 20,000 articles in 18 languages

  • The WWW continues to expand

  • YouTube ( has on it approx. 65,000 videos

  • Some 1,407 million people world-wide are connected to the Internet

  • YouTube ( serves 1 billion videos per day

  • YouTube ( has over 24 hours' worth of video clips uploaded to it every minute