the books i have read

  • the power of one

    the power of one
    I finished this book I would really recomend it to anyone who doenst really mind a book with a bit of violence in it. It is also a really good way for people to understand Apartheid in South Africa and the racisim at that time.
  • powder monkey

    powder monkey
    I finished this book and really enjoyed it because it was set in olden times in the british navy and it also has a lot of action i would defenitely recomend it to any one who likes war.
  • operation gadget man

    operation gadget man
    I started reading about this book called operation gadget man it is about some children who's fatrher gets kidnapped from his house and they have to find him
  • The Phonenix Files

    The Phonenix Files
    I have just started reading this book calledThe Phonenix Files which is the seacond book in the series it is about a town that is plotting to destroy the world and three friends are the only ones who can stop it.