The Evolution of Animation

  • Period: to

    Louis Aimé Augustin Le Prince's Film

    End Date:Date Unknown but in 1888
    start date:1888 15, oct.
  • The World's First Film, Also Western.

    It was filmed at Oakwood Grange, the home of Joseph and Sarah Whitley, in Roundhay, Leeds, West Riding of Yorkshire, England on October 14, 1888.
    The World's First Flim, Also Western, At's First Flim/Roundhay Garden Scene/!
  • Period: to

    The Evolution of Computer Animation

  • The World's Second Film, Also Western.

    Adolphe Le Prince playing a diatonic button accordion.It was recorded on the steps of the house of Joseph Whitley, Adolphe's grandfather.
    Unknown but in year 1888. World's Second Film/2-frms/ World's Second Film/10-frms/
    Are good websites.
  • Period: to


    Short Films
  • Short's by William K. L. Dickson

    Date unknown but in 1894.
    * Annie Oakley
    * Buffalo Bill
    * Buffalo Dance
    * Sioux Ghost Dance
    All by William K. L. Dickson
  • Period: to


    Why are most of the movies now talking about Robberys, Gambling and Money.
    Ha Ha Ha.
  • The Great Train Robbery

    The movie is a big hit now, I wonder if it's still here in year 2010.
  • The Story of Kelly Gang

    It is not Kelly Tang.
    It's the world's First Feature Film.
    A note I copied from wikipedia:The trains shown in the film were filmed with permission from the Victorian Railways Commission.
    Nicholas Brierley as Joe Byrne
    Elizabeth Tait as Kate Kelly
    John Tait as School Master
    Bella Cola
    Vera Linden
    Frank Mills as Ned Kelly
    E.J. Tait as Extra
    Frank Tait as Extra
  • The Bandit King

    The Movie:
    Buck Brady was called"The Bandit King" and the sheiff posted a $1000 reward for capturing Brady Dead or Alive.
  • The Bank Robbery

    Date Unknown
    In year 1908
  • Three Movies

    The Red Man's View, 9 dec 1909,11 minutes.
    The cow boy Millonire,1909.
    The House of Cards, 1909.
  • Period: to


    Movies are Moving marvellllllllllllllllllllllous.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1910 — 126
    * Abernathy Kids to the Rescue
    * In Old California
    * Broncho Billy's Redemption
    1911 — 224
    * The Abernathy Kids to the Rescue
    * An Accidental Outlaw
    * The Lonedale Operator
    * Fighting Blood
    1912 — 336
    * According to Law
    * The Ace of Spades
    * The Goddess of Sagebrush Gulch
    * The Half-Breed's Way
    1913 — 311
    * The Abandoned Well (film)
    * The Accidental Bandit
  • Period: to


    1914 — 244 1915 1916 1917
  • 1918s and 1919s

    * Bucking Broadway
    * Riders of the Purple Sage
    * Ace High
    * Ace of the Saddle
  • Supernatural Western (Movies)

    Supernatural Western (Movies) (Also Weird West) were a few group of sub-gernes or another gernes, it's mostly horror, occult, or fantasy.
    Time appered:Early 1970s.
  • Period: to


  • Using Computer Animation to Teach

    Nowdays, people were using Computer Animation to Teach us.
    Example:Click If you want to.
  • Period: to

    2010-2011. Wow Super Natural Movies?(The Time I Worte this was in September twenty something, 2010.

    WOW,LOL.OMgoodness.Our World is so Technolegic, look at the time line to see how our Animation has EVOLVE,
    Now we have a new sub-genre: Supernatural Westerns (Movies)
    I like Computer Animation, It's Made with CGI, Computer Generated Imagery.
    Is there any timespan newer than this in this time line?
  • Period: to

    2010-2020 (The Future in the time I worte this)

    Computer Animation or Animation might evolve into better films, movements, movies, pictures, sclture, 3-D art, or maybe even 4-D art or something new, is all gonna decide on us.
  • Arca

    mission 3
    mission 4
  • Cowboys & Aliens

    The Director is Jon Favreau.
    It's a Science Fiction Western