Uruguay's World Cup 2010

  • Uruguay vs France

    Uruguay's first game against France in the Group Stage
  • Uruguay vs South Africa

    Uruguay win 3-0 against South Africa
  • Uruguay vs Mexico

    Uruguay defeat Mexico 1-0
  • Uruguay vs Rep. Korea

    Uruguay go through to the Round of 16 and beat Rep. Korea 2-1
  • Uruguay vs Ghana

    Uruguay advance to the quarter-finals and they defeat Ghana 4-2 in a penalty shoot-out
  • Uruguay vs Holland

    Uruguay advance to the semi-finals of the world cup and get defeated by Holland 3-2
  • Uruguay vs Germany

    as Uruguay lost to Holland they had to face Germany (who lost to Spain 1-0) in the match for third place. They lost 3-2 . Therefore Uruguay Came 4th in the 2010 world cup