The History Of The Medias

  • Sep 1, 1000

    Invention Of The Alphabet

    Invention Of The Alphabet
    In 3500 BC, the Phoenicians invent the first alphabet. It is the first real means of communication. Before that, humans could just draw to tell stories so they hadn’t much possibilities to express their selves. And with this inventions, the humans are going to write down more histories and thing about their cultur. It permitted the men of today to know how was the world like.
  • Sep 2, 1000

    First Postal Service

    First Postal Service
    900 BC, in China. This invention shows how humans, when they invent something (like the alphabet), they have the capacity to use the new element to develop news communications means, for example. With the postal service, people could now talk with other people who were far away without having to go in this place.
  • Sep 3, 1000

    First Library

    First Library
    530 BC, Greece. I think it is an important step, because the people could now read more “books” about what they were interested in. So the knowledge could be shared. People could be more intelligent and develop other ways to communicate, or simply make the human’s mind go further.
  • Sep 13, 1455

    First Printing System

    First Printing System
    Gutenberg invented the first printing system. It helped a lot the communications system. Before, the monk had to write the book with their hands. It took a really long time and it was expensive. So only nobles could afford it. Now, the population could begin to read. So they could become a scientist, for example, even if they were farmer’s children; which wasn’t possible before.
  • First Daily Newspaper

    First Daily Newspaper
    Leipzig, Germany. The people could now know what happened it their city or in the region. The population is more and more implicated in the community’s life and is more and more intelligent.
  • First Photographic Image

    First Photographic Image
    Joseph Nicéphore Niépce made the first picture. The newspapers were there, and now they could illustrate it. The people had an extra view of the world they were living in. So memories could be saved by writing AND pictures, which made them more precise.
  • Invention Of The Telegraph

    Invention Of The Telegraph
    England. With this invention, the means of communication became much faster. Before, the maximum speed that information could travel was about 35 mph. And now the same information could travel almost instantaneously. And because it is faster now, the people are encouraged to speak and share informations with the other people. And it became really easier to manage a country, for example, because they could know a lot more informations really fast.
  • The Invention Of The Telephone

    The Invention Of The Telephone
    Bell. It helped to make the communications means faster, again. And it is the first means of communication where you can hear the person you’re talking with.
  • First Television

    First Television
    England. Now, the people could see videos of other places. And it was really new, because they just had pictures before. And the people didn’t have to know how to read anymore. They could just listen to the TV, as if there was someone talking next to them. And this invention, among others, permitted for example Hitler to spread ideas. It is a means of communication really important, because a lot of people use it.
  • Arpanet Is The First Internet

    Arpanet Is The First Internet
    America. It is an important discovery, because it's what we use the most today. Almost everything you are looking for, you can find it on the internet. You can send emails, look videos, meet people, learn languages,... Sure, at the beginning it wasn't for this usage, but i think that it is still important.