John cabot

English Exploration and Settlements

By kimh
  • Sep 9, 1497

    Cabot Sails West

    Cabot Sails West
    Cabot landed on Newfoundland, which he mistook for Asia. But later, because of the flag Cabot placed on Newfoundland, England would later claim all of North America.
  • The Colony of Roanoke

    The Colony of Roanoke
    Sir Walter Raleigh, an English noble, tried to start a colony on Roanoke Island. The indians welcomed them and gave them traps for catching fish, but they were to busy looking for gold. Later, their supplies ran low and the went back to England.
  • Roanoke: Round 2

    Roanoke: Round 2
    Raleigh sent a second group of colonists to Roanoke, but they got there to late in the seanson to plant crops. There leader, John White, traveled back to England to get food. When he sailed back, three years later, the colonists had disappeared and the word CROATOAN was written on a doorpost. Nobody knows to this day what happened.
  • Jamestown

    A group of merchants formed the London Company. The company crammed 144 settlers on three tiny ships to travel across the Atlantic. The colonists settled on a swampy peninsula in Virginia, which they called Jamestown.
  • Captain John Smith

    Captain John Smith
    As the settlers in Jamestown started to get hungary, because they didn't plant crops and the indians wouldn't trade with them, a leader arose to help them, Captain John Smith. Captain John Smith made friends with the indians and they traded with the settlers, the settlers also started to work because Smith said "If not work, neither should he eat."
  • The Starving Time

    The Starving Time
    In the fall, Smith had to return to England because of an injury. That winter, the colonists had a very hard time, the indians wouldn't trade with them because Smith was gone. In the spring, when Smith came back, there were only 60 of the 500 colonists, that he left, still alive.