70's social studies project

  • Super Bowl IV

    the fist super bowl in the 70's and the 4th super bowl ever!
    Kansas City Chiefs 23
    Minnesota Vikings 7
  • voting age to 18

    The long debate over lowering the voting age in America from 21 to 18 began during World War II and intensified during the Vietnam War.Young men thought it was unfair they could die for there country but not vote for there next president.
  • Earth Day First Celebration

    Earth day actually was starting to get celebrated in 1962, but it was official holiday until April 22, 1970.
  • America has 205 million people

    In late 1970 America, one of the youngest and most powerful countries in the world, hits 205 million people in the U.S!
  • most popular game

    At the end of 1970, it was confirmed that a game called, "highnoon" was the most popular game of the year.
  • Cigarette Advertising Ended

    cigarette advertisement is banned after relizeing how unhealthy it truely is.
  • Americans are against the war in Vietnam

    After taking a poll, it was confirmed that 60% of Americans are against the war in Vietnam.
  • no more dollar for gold

    Nixon ends the ability to have American money converted to gold.
  • Walt Disney World Resort opens in Florida

    Walt Disney World Resort opens in Florida on october 12st after being built the first day from November 15th, 1965.
  • The Equal Rights

    The Equal Rights Amendment which provided for the legal equality of the sexes passed by the U.S. Senate on 22nd March
  • Hurricane Agnes

    Hurricane Agnes on June 13th kills 117 in US east coast
  • Governor George Wallace

    Governor George Wallace is shot three times in an attempted assasination attempt by Arthur Bremer which leaves him paralyzed
  • Roe Vs Wade

    Supreme Court of the United States rules on Roe v. Wade.
  • Watergate

    Watergate Hearings begin in the United States Senate and President Richard Nixon tells the nation , “I am not a crook.”
  • World Trade Center

    World Trade Center in New York becomes the tallest building in the world
  • Nixon resign

    •Richard Nixonbecomes the first US president forced to resign after the Watergate Scandal
  • Ford pardon

    •President Gerald Ford gives unconditional pardon to Richard Nixon
  • Alaska oil

    Work begins on the 800 mile long Alaska Oil pipeline