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    7.01: Years 1980-1989

  • Mt. Saint Helens Erupts

    Although the eruption was the worst in US History, scientists were able to examine the eruption and thus our knowledge on volcanoes has grown.
  • Reagan Election

    Ronald Reagan was elected and gave a clear direction to the country. He knew he wanted to help the American government and people regain their confidence in the presidency’s ability to assist them in their time of need. Ronald Reagan’s election impacted the US because he was the first President to enter office with a clear set vision of where he wanted to steer the American people. Not only did he have a vision, but he succeeded in what he wanted to achieve. He was ready to get the nation
  • Reagan Assassination Attempt

    Only sixty-nine days into the presidency of Ronald Reagan, an attempt on his life was made. The United States felt a sort of protectiveness of him afterwards, as they hoped no one would ever again try to take their head of the state again.
  • Sandra Day O'Connor First Woman on Supreme Court

    Sandra Day O'Connor set the bar for women all over the US when she was appointed to the US Supreme court. She was intelligent and a great role model for small girls and even young adult females all over who aimed further than being a simple housewife.
  • IBM Releases First Personal Computer

    The release of the new PC made way for people to have the intelligence of a computer at home. If this hadn't happened, computer wouldn't have evolved the way they have. I wouldn't be doing this assignment on the internet, on my bed, with a laptop.
  • Reagan makes Star Wars Project

    The initial proposal to develop technology to intercept incoming missiles was named Star Wars. This project was started by Ronal Reagan to help the US's defense in the future.
  • Dr. Sally Ride is the First American Woman in Space

    America had finally sent a woman into space but June of 1983. This meant that women were diversifying and equal rights in careers were clearly being offered.
  • Iran Contra Affair Begins

    The Iran Contra affair was Reagan sending illegal money to Iran to help overthrow the Iatola. This led the people of the United States to no longer fully trust the President.
  • Challenger Explosion

    On the twenty-eighth of January, the Challenger exploded and killed its seven crew members. This sent all of the United States into mourning, when even the President postoponed his State of the Union Address.
  • Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

    Alaska's Prince William Sound reef is filled with oil and many wild animals are killed. This ruined up to a forty-five mile radius of wildlife, and killed countless amounts of fish as well as other ocean-dwelling creatures in the area.