History Timeline

  • Amendments

    first 10 amendments created called bill of rights
  • Underground Railroad

    Underground Railroad
    People helped runaway slaves to hide. Get to the north and be free.
  • Period: to

    history timeline

  • Trail of Tears

    Trail of Tears
    The effort to remove native americans.15000 cherokkee indians were forced from their homes in north carolina.
  • Battle of the Alamo

    Battle of the Alamo
    Fought between the texan and mexican forces
  • Manifest Destiny

    Manifest Destiny
    The belief that america was destined to expand westward.John O'Sullavan was the first person to use the term manifest destiny
  • Goldrush

    People went to California to find gold.Americans, mexicans african americans, chileans, chinese, and more.
  • Abe Lincoln

    Abe Lincoln
    16th President helped abolish slaverly
  • Union

    Ulysses Grant was Union general.
  • Attack of fort sumter

    Attack of fort sumter
    confederate authorities sought to drive out union army out of fort sumter.
  • Second Battle of the Bull run

    Second Battle of the Bull run
    battle was in mannasses virginia. Confederates won the battle.
  • 13th amendment

    13th amendment
    Abraham Lincoln issued all slaves are declared free.It was called theemancipation proclamation.
  • Battle of Shiloh

    Battle of Shiloh
    Union won the battle.leaders on both sides realized this war would not quickly end.
  • Battle of Gettysburg

    Battle of Gettysburg
    This battle fought in the north was a offensive measure by the confederacy to bring the the war out of virginia
  • Gettysburg Address

    Gettysburg Address
    Speech made by Abebraham Lincoln. To show the rebirth of freedom and power over the states
  • Andrew Jackson

    Andrew Jackson
    17th President of the United States
  • Andrew Johnson

    Andrew Johnson
    17th president of the United States. He was president after Abe Lincoln.
  • KKK

    Established in Palaski Tennessee.Has been around for 150 years.
  • 14th amendment

    14th amendment
    Reconstruction amendment.Guarenteed privelages
  • 15th amendment

    15th amendment
    gave the right for citizens to vote.
  • Harriet Tubman

    Harriet Tubman
    African American abolitionist and humanitarian. She wasa Union spyduring the american civil war.