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Term 3-4 reading log

  • matilda

    Matildas parents have called her some terrible things but the truth is that she is she is a genius and there the stupid ones. matildais determaned to show them that she has a very usefull power. I choses this book because i have seen the movie and i wanted to see if it was different.
  • Teachers pet

    Teachers pet
    Ginger is the main charecteres name she is named after a cat. but peole think shes more like the feice dog she takes to pet day. Ginger tries to fit in and be good and when she doesnt fit in she blames it on her mum. this is a funny and jofull book and you should read it.
  • fantastic mr fox

    fantastic mr fox
    This is a book that i read when i was bored it was quite fasanating but to easy to read for my liking. my favourite part would be MR foxes tail got shot off, I would not recomed this book to you unless you like kids books.
  • Out of the ashes

    Out of the ashes
    This book is a sad book about a girl who lives on a farm. she is very happy untill a desies envaids her farm. it is called foot and mouth dieseis. and her dad has to kill all of the animals on there farm. but they planttrees for each one of those animal to remember them from and buy new animals after the thing has gone. but she still misses her animals. but the blessing out of this is that she thinks she is know closer to her mum than ever befor
  • the hobbit

    the hobbit
    this book is my favorite book and ive read it before and i think its really cool it is just the same as lord of the rings
  • just disgusting

    just disgusting
    Thisis a book with loads of different stories discusting things in it.eg 101 most disgusting things its a very funny book and i think you should read it.
  • Harry poter and the philosophers stone

    Harry poter and the philosophers stone
    I read his book after I had seen the movie and it is not that different. I didn't like it that much because i could have watch the movie rather than spending a few weeks reading the book.
  • school of wizardry

    school of wizardry
    Determind to become a wizard twelve year old randal is delighted when hes accepted into the famous shool of wizardry. but randals app turns nasty when he disscovered one of his teacherd is a master wizard is planning to use evil spells to gain power and destroy the school. this boo is almost the same as harry potter and that is better. why dont you read it and see what you think.
  • the bone tiki

    the bone tiki
    This book we are reading together as a class it is a moari dramatic, mithacal, adventeres type book we havent finnished it yet but it has been good so far.