Fuson Honors English The Trojan War Pages- 43 to 85 Period 7

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    Trojan War

  • The Death of Protesilaus

    The Death of Protesilaus
    This is important beacuse not only is it the beginning of the fighting of the Trojan War, but it is the first bloodshed of the war between a Trojan and a Greek. It happens when Protesilaus heroically jumps onto the Trojan beach even though Hector is waiting shouting "Death to the foremost man!" Shouting "Immortal Fame!" Protesilaus charges Hector. Hector spears through the shield and breastplate of Protesilaus and kills him. This event begins the bloody fight for Troy.
  • Answer to Prayer

    Answer to Prayer
    When Protesilaus dies, Laodamia goes to the temples of Zeus and Hermes and prays that she can see him one more time before he goes to the land of the dead. The gods answer her prayer and Protesilaus appears in Laodamia's room. After a kissing saga, Protesilaus begs Laodamia to join him in the land of the dead. He then leaves, and Laodamia lays in her bed until she dies.
  • Prepare for Battle

    Prepare for Battle
    Both Greek and Trojan armies prepare for war in their own way. The great king Agamemnon took a stroll around the encampment checking on the other king's amies, making sure that they are all prepairing wisely to embark on the perilous and lengthy saga to Troy.
  • The Death of Cycnus

    The Death of Cycnus
    This event happened when Achilles and Cycnus engage in battle. Achilles hurled his spear at Cycnus's chest and pierced his armor, but there was not even a scratch on Cycnus's chest. Being the Son of Poseidon, his skin could not be pierced. Realizing this, Achiles beat Cycnus and stangled the last breath out of his lungs.
  • The Secret Love

    The Secret Love
    Troilus is the bravest of the young princes. Cressida was abandoned by her dad, Calchas, and was left in the care of her uncle, Pandarus. The two fell deeply in love.
  • Cressida is Traded

    Cressida is Traded
    An important Trojan noble was captured by the Greeks. Calchus then decided he wanted his daughter in exchange for the prisoner. King Priam readily agreed.
  • Deiphobus's Shield

    Deiphobus's Shield
    During a battle, Deiphobus wounded Diomede. Deiphobus took Diomede's shield and returned to the city proudly displaying it.
  • Troilus Decides his Fate

    Troilus Decides his Fate
    When Troilus learns of Diomede becoming injured, he decides that Cressida will just keep healing Diomede back to health. Troilus than becomes so depressed that he decides he will seek out Achilles so that Achilles may kill him.
  • Palamedes Takes Control

    Palamedes Takes Control
    While Achilles and many other chiefs are away on forays, Palamedes calls an assembly that votes him commander-in-chief of the war effort, while Agamemnon just stood by and watched.
  • The Death of Palamedes

    The Death of Palamedes
    After Agamemnon was relieved of his duties as commander-in-chief, Odysseus goes to Agamemnon's hut. Odysseus talked about the Trojan gold beneath Palamedes' hut, and how Agamemnon could claim that Palamedes' had sold them to the Trojans. When they discovered this, the Greeks would kill Palamedes, which would put Agamemnon back in control.
  • Aggravation Against Agamemnon

    Aggravation Against Agamemnon
    Apollo is upset at the Greeks for holding his servant's daughter as a prize of war. The Greek prophet Calchas told how it was King Agamemnon who wouldn't release Chryseis, the servant's daughter. This made all the Greeks upset with Agamemnon, and Agamemnon became upset at Achilles and promised to steal his fairest lady.
  • Achilles on Strike

    Achilles on Strike
    After Agamemnon aggravates Achilles, the greatest Greek warrior decides to sit out the war. He then goes to his mom, the God Thetis, and asks her to go to Zeus. He wanted Thetis to ask Zeus for the Greeks to win the war. While Achilles is sitting out, the city of Troy rallies together and starts to win battles.
  • Beginning of the End

    Beginning of the End
    With the Greeks now fastened on the beach, Paris and Hector prepare the Trojans for the long and bloody battles that will go on until the victor is decided.
  • Paris and Menelaus

    Paris and Menelaus
    As the two armies meet, Paris leading the Trojans and Menelaus the Greeks, Paris cowers into his army,fearing Menelaus, and leaves them to fight without a commander. Hector sees Paris and convinces him to step up and act like a soldier. Paris then challenges Menelaus to a one on one in the center of the battle.
  • Paris Retreats

    Paris Retreats
    After Menelaus accepts the deal, the two get ready to fight. While Paris charges first, Menelaus easily gets the advantage by grabbinig on to Paris's helmet strap. The strap eventually breaks and Paris falls creating a huge cloud of dust. While Menelaus waits for the dust to settle, Paris retreats into his army.