kingsford smith

By yeman
  • kingsford smith was born

    kingsford smith was born
  • became a clerk with the canadian pacific railways

  • family returned to sydney

  • enlisted in the australian imperial force

  • as sergeant ,he transferred to the australian flying corps

  • he served as an r.f.c flying instructor

  • he done an air race from england to australia

  • he worked first in sydney with another joy riding organisation

  • he got married to thelma eileen hope corboy

  • he formed a partnership with pilot keith anderson

  • they returned to sydney to operate as a interstate flying services

  • flew to via hawaii and to suva to brisbane

  • was forced to land on the flats of the glenelg river because he was losing radio contact.

  • piloting one of the new Avro Ten planes on the Sydney –Melbourne.

  • he got re-married to Mary Powell

  • he flew to Sydney to Melbourne with six passengers.

  • knighted for services to avaition

  • A flight to New Zealand failed to persuade the New Zealand government.

  • kingsford smith and tailor then flew lady Southern Cross from Brisbane to San Francisco in oct-nov in order to sell it.

  • his plane crashed and burned and he didn’t survive