Sadako Sansaki

By davisev
  • Sadako Sansaki was born

    Sadako Sansaki was born
    on the 7th of Febuary 1943, Sadako was born. she was born in hiroshma in japan during world war 2.
  • The atomic bomb was dropped

    The atomic bomb was dropped
    sadako was only two when the atomic bomb was dropped near her home.
  • when she started school

    Sadako was an active person and enjoyed school and never wanted to miss one day of school. her favourite subject at school was sport. S
  • The purple spots

    In january the purple spots began to appear behind her legs.So she had found the she had been diagnosed with luekimia.
  • developed a bad case of the chicken pox

    developed a bad case of the chicken pox
    by November 1954 she had developed a bad case of the chicken pox on her neck and behind her ears..
  • she was taken to the hospital

    on the 21st of February she had been taken to the hospital
  • her friend visited her

    on this day her best friend Chizuko came to visited her and told her about the story of the 1000 paper planes and that if you folded 1000 paper planes you could make a wish. She soon found her self folding paper planes.
  • her death

    sadly her death came at the age of 12 folding 644 paper planes.