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My Personal reading Term 3

  • Ark Angel

    Ark Angel
    Alex is staying with the second or third richest person on earth when he descovers that person is a criminal and is planing something catastrophic that is linked with a space hotel 'Ark Angel'.
  • The castle of adventure

    The castle of adventure
    As a sequel to 'The island of adventure'(see my persnal reading timetoast timeline at ) It is pretty much written in the same form except its set on a hill with a castle n the top. I prefer the first book but this book still has exciting parts in it such as when an eagle attacks bad guys, but not the book I would pick up to read twice. Its lacking the excitement of the first book and takes too long to introduce.
  • Spider bite

    Spider bite
    When Sams brothers get caught in a hot air baloon Sam tries to save them but then the baloon takes off and Sams brother gets bitten by a funnel-web Sam gets frantic.
  • Swindle

    (sorry cant get picture) This book is ok but unsatisfying end a bit random in some parts.
  • Watership down

    Watership down
    Even though I've only read a few chapters so far I find this book exciting and adventerous, its already become my second or third favorate book.
  • Biggles

    I havent finnished it yet but it is kool recomended