Outbreak of WW1

  • Period: to

    Outbreak of WW1

  • Assination of Austrian crowned prince and his wife

    In Sarajevo, Serbia.
  • Russia declared war on Serbia

    Russia moved against Austria, Germany declared war on russia and France.
  • Battle near Mons

  • Germany invaded Belgium

  • Prime Minister placed Australian navy under commandment of British Admiralty

    also announced 20,000 men to be sent to war in the next six weeks.
  • Surrender of German colonies

  • Opposing armies dug trench lines across northern France

    early September.
  • Germans advanced towards Paris

    from 6-12 of September.
  • Loss of Australia's first submarine- AE1

  • 5000 Australian troops marched in Melbourne

    before going to war
  • Australian soldiers met New Zealand in Western Australia

    (date estimate)
  • Australian and New Zealand soldiers left for Europe

  • HMAS Sydney destroyed German raider "Emden"

    (Estimate date) HMAS took suvivors prisoner