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My Personal Reading term 3-4

By karlie
  • Tommorow, when the war began

    Tommorow, when the war began
    I started this book about two weeks ago. I'm almost finished and it is a great book. It's about a grup of friends in their teens. They hve gone on holiday in a place people call hell, a place deep in the forest. They have had a great time down there but come back to find that, their parents are gone, their animals dying , and no one else around. They attempt to find their parents but are seen and chased down the road. They return to Hell and plan to spend the rest of their time there.
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  • Tommorow, when the war began

    Tommorow, when the war began
    One of the friends have been shot and can't walk. They have found a hut in Hell and look through some of the stuff in there.They make some more plans to blow up the bridge that the other country are using to invade them.
  • Tomorrow, when the war began

    Tomorrow, when the war began
    In the end Corrie (one of the friends) is shot in the back. It is really exciting and I'm going to read the next book.
  • The dead of the night.

    The dead of the night.
    I started this book on the 1st of August. Ellie has found Corrie at the hospital. She is in a critical condition. Kevin, Corrie's boyfriend, has been taken to the showground after taking Corrie to the hospital. The rest of the group have meet up with some people that call themselves Harvey's Heroes.
  • The dead of the night

    The dead of the night
    Ellie and Homer decide that they should go back and get Chris from the camp site. They ask for permission for Major Harvey. He says they need a list of what they need to take and where they will be going.
  • The dead of the night

    The dead of the night
    All the friends have been split up into separate parts of the camp. Boys on one side girls on the other. All the girls have to cook, clean and do all the other jobs the boys won't do because apparently they are girls' jobs.
  • The third day, the frost.

    The third day, the frost.
    in this book Ellie and her friends find one of the members of their group-Kevin. He was working on a farm. After they recue him by faking his death they take an attack on cobblers bay-a major harbour out of Wirawee. Ellie and Homer are the ones who take up the job of blowing up the ship because they are the best swimmers and can get away sooner. I really enjoyed this book. i rate it 10 out of 10. the best book so far.
  • The third day the frost.

    The third day the frost.
    judging by the cover of this book and the books before this book in series i think the The third day, the frost is going to be awesome.
  • Darkness. be my friend

    Darkness. be my friend
    I think it would be incredibly hard for the author to make this book as good as the last because the third day the frost was really intense. But I'm looking forward to reading it.
  • Darkness, be my friend

    Darkness, be my friend
    this book vwas great, not as good as the last, but still great. In this book they got out of thhe prision they were thrown in after bombs were dropped on it and they got flown to New Zealand. In this book they are flown back to New Zealand to help New Zealand soldiers target the Wirawee air field. The soldiers fail and are nowhere to be found. I really enjoyed this book. The author did a good job of writing this book even though the book befre it was very intense.
  • Burning For Revenge.

    Burning For Revenge.
    I think this book will be really good. The author has a lot of interesting things to explain now and i think if he explains them well it will be very interesting.