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Braidwood History

  • Throsby, Kearns & Hume looking for a passage to the coast

  • Kearns, Marsh 7 Packer reach Braidwood

  • Period: to

    Braidwood area primarily used for cattle and sheep properties

  • Lock up built

    More than half of the residents at that time had assigned convicts on the farms
  • Courthouse built

    Courthouse built
  • town plan surveyed for Braidwood by James Larner

  • first land sales in early 1840s

    Gradually the little township grew
  • Population of 1100, half of whom were convicts. Main industry = sheep

  • Doncaster Inn built(circa 1841)

    Doncaster Inn built(circa 1841)
  • Royal Hotel built (c 1845. Now the Museum)

    Royal Hotel built (c 1845. Now the Museum)
  • A road had been built across the ranges to the coast near Jervis Bay.

    Known as the Wool Road it carried the clip from Braidwood and beyond onto ships bound for England.
  • Gold found in Araluen Valley

    Braidwood's population exploded as thousands of fossickers inundated the surrounding region. other finds followed in Majors Creek, Jembaicumbene & Mongarlowe River
  • Estimated 8000 people in the Braidwood area

  • 30% of Araluen district's miners were Chinese

    Tended to live in own enclaves
  • Braidwood police found the bodies of four "special constables"

    Braidwood police found the bodies of four "special constables"
    Killed while in pursuit of Thomas Clarke. Today their memorial can be seen in the Braidwood cemetery. Photo: John and Thomas Clarke, Bushrangers
  • over 10000 people

    Impact -- banks, hotels, other businesses opening their doors. Many of these buildings still stand today.
  • Quong Tart and Chee Dock Nomchong arrive in Mongarlowe

  • Period: to

    Great Depression

    As yet I am uinsure of specific years. My reference says 1890s
  • Braidwood declared a municipality

    after 30 years of prevarication, lest the rates go up
  • Braidwood a busy regional centre by early 19th century

    shops, newspapers, hotels, schools, churches, tradesmen, craftsmen
  • Region became Tallaganda Shire

  • Braidwood prosperous up to this date

    Industrialised gold mining had ensured prosperity, although the Great Depression of the 1890 meant no further growth in the previous years
  • "A sleepy hollow", 19200s

  • Municipality and Shire amalgamate

    Take over responsibility for roads and other services required for modern life.
  • Electricity -- supplied by small electricity generating plant

  • Chee Dock Nomchong dies, aged 87

  • Mains electricity

    early 1950s
  • Reticulated water supply

  • Sewerage

  • Birth of interest in Australia's history and heritage. 1970s

    Many rural centres had been contemplating razing everything to the ground and reinventing themselves. Now our past was worthy of preservation
  • Population 1466 (2006 Census)

  • Braidwood is a delightful of history, the arts and craft

    Its economy, however, is reliant on trafic passing on its way to the coast. It experiences an annual summer boom and winter bust.