63rd congress (March 4, 1913-March 4, 1915

By Joshhet
  • Presidential Inauguration

    Presidential Inauguration
    Woodrow Wilson became the President of the United States
  • Period: to

    1st Session of Congress

  • Kern Resolution

    Kern Resolution
    called for an investigation into the then ongoing Paint Creek-Cabin Creek strike of 1912 in West Virginia.
  • Saboth Act

    Saboth Act
    The act (passed in July, 1913) established Federal Bureaus at railroad junctures and stations to protect immigrants from local nativists and to aid newly arrived immigrants to the United States who were traveling cross-country to their final destinations.
  • Period: to

    2nd Session of Congress

  • Cutter Service Act

    Cutter Service Act
    It authorized the Commandant of the Revenue Cutter Service to "detail for duty on revenue cutters such as surgeons and other persons of the Public Health Service as ... necessary."
  • World War I

    World War I
    World War I began in Europe
  • Panama Canal

    Panama Canal
    The Panama Canal was inaugurated
  • War Risk Insurance Act

    War Risk Insurance Act
    Passed by the United States Congress in 1914 to ensure the availability of marine insurance during World War I. It established a Bureau of War Risk Insurance within the Treasury Department to provide insurance policies and pay claims.
  • Period: to


    United States House of Representatives and the Senate held elections.
  • Federal Reserve Bank

    Federal Reserve Bank
    The Frederal Reserve Bank was opened
  • Period: to

    3rd Session of Congress

  • Harrison Narcotics Tax Act

    Harrison Narcotics Tax Act
    The Harrison Narcotics Tax Act (Ch. 1, 38 Stat. 785) was a United States federal law that regulated and taxed the production, importation, and distribution of opiates.
  • Coast Guard Act

    Coast Guard Act
    The Coast Guard Act of 1915 created the U.S. Coast Guard as a new service outwardly modeled on the structure of the U.S. Navy.
  • Federal Boiler Inspection Act

    Federal Boiler Inspection Act
    Expanded the Boiler Inspection Act of 1911 to include I.C.C. regulation not just of train engine boilers, but of the entire train as well as cargo to ensure safety for workers and passengers.
  • Occupancy Permits Act

    Occupancy Permits Act
    It allowed the U.S. Forest Service to issue to cabin permits at "reasonable rates" to individuals who had had their property taken through eminent domain.