Geologic History Compressed into 1 Calendar Year

  • 12:00AM Earth Forms

    12:00AM Earth Forms
    Gas and dust in space, known as planetary nebula, condense into one mass, now known as our planet Earth. This occured 4600 million years ago.
  • Period: to

    One Calendar Year

  • 12:30PM First Cells

    12:30PM First Cells
    The origin of life has come upon the Earth. The first cells are dated back to 3900 million years ago.
  • 3:39PM Oldest Dated Rocks

    3:39PM Oldest Dated Rocks
    Our oldest dated rocks can be traced to 3800 million years ago.
  • 1:33PM Fossils of Stromatolites

    1:33PM Fossils of Stromatolites
    3600 million years ago, our first stromatolites lived. These are fossils of blue and green algae that are considered to be prokaryotes.
  • 9:54PM First Cells with Nuclei

    9:54PM First Cells with Nuclei
    The first fossil evidence of a cell containing a nucleous can be traced back 2100 million years.
  • 5:11PM The Paleozoic Begins

    5:11PM The Paleozoic Begins
    Throughout the Paleozoic, which began 544 million years ago, numerous basic organisms devlop on our planet. Beginning with our first fish and land plants, 505-407 million years ago.
  • 8:49AM First Insects

    8:49AM First Insects
    Beetles, scorpians, and centipedes were roaming the planet 385 million years ago. http://3quarksdaily.blogs.com/3quarksdaily/images/leafinsect_vmed_1p.jpg
  • 3:54AM First Ampibians

    3:54AM First Ampibians
    Approximately 375 million years ago, our first land animals appeared. Soon after, the first sharks and seeded planets developed.
  • 5:50PM First Reptiles

    5:50PM First Reptiles
    The first reptiles appeared on Earth 330 million years ago.
  • 12:09PM The Mesozoic Begins

    12:09PM The Mesozoic Begins
    A major event occured that killed about 95% of the planet's population. This occured 245 million years ago to begin the Mesozoic time, where reptiles will prosper.
  • 8:37PM First Dinosaurs

    8:37PM First Dinosaurs
    The first dinosaurs were living 228 million years ago, just after the first crocodiles graced the planet.
  • 9:59AM First Mammals

    9:59AM First Mammals
    Just after the beginning of dinosaurs, the first mammals began their survival on Earth. The mammals were small, shrew like organisms. Soon after, the dinosaurs began to prosper and develop to the extent that there were many different types, herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores.
  • 8:24PM First Flowering Plants

    8:24PM First Flowering Plants
    About 115 million years ago, the first flowering plants could be seen on our planet.
  • 7:52PM The Censozoic Begins

    7:52PM The Censozoic Begins
    The Mesozoic ends just like the Paleozoic, with a major impact event killing much of the organisms that inhabited the Earth. This time period will be known as the age of mammals.
  • 9:47PM First Ancestors of Dogs and Cats

    9:47PM First Ancestors of Dogs and Cats
    About 64 million years ago, the first ancesstors of dogs and cats can be found on earth.
  • 5:25AM Widespread Grasses

    5:25AM Widespread Grasses
    Grasses become widespread 60 million years ago.
  • 11:09AM First Ancestors of Pigs and Deer

    11:09AM First Ancestors of Pigs and Deer
    The first ancestors of pigs and deer can be traced back 57 million years. Soon after, the ancestors of horses and rabbits developed on our planet.
  • 9:31PM First Monkeys

    9:31PM First Monkeys
    About 39 millions years ago, the first monkeys existed on our earth.
  • 5:18PM Oldest Human-like Ancestors

    5:18PM Oldest Human-like Ancestors
    About four million years ago, organisms that resembled humans roamed the earth.
  • 11:02PM Oldest Direct Human Ancestor

    11:02PM Oldest Direct Human Ancestor
    The first direct human ancestor was on earth only one million years ago.
  • 11:48PM First Modern Man

    11:48PM First Modern Man
    Homo sapiens began to exist on our planet .1 million years ago, which is the same as 100,000 years ago.
  • 11:59PM Revolutionary War

    11:59PM Revolutionary War
    According to this geologic time scale, the Revolutionary War would have happened only one minute before present time, yet it occured 234 years ago.