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  • harry potter and the chambers of secrets

    harry potter and the chambers of secrets
    This book wasnt what i thouguht it would have been .I think the movie is better i quite like how the book makes a picture in my head when they are in the flying car.I enjoyed the book it was worth reading every night,Highley amusing book suggest that others should read it.
  • harry potter and the prison of azkaban

    harry potter and the prison of azkaban
    this book was alright i didnt mind it ,it got sort of boring towards the middle of the book .
  • the power of one

    the power of one
    I really liked this book because I find it highly fascinating that a little boy with his heart on his sleeve treated everyone equal and didn’t judge by the colour of their skin, this little boy is my inspiration the adventure’s he went on and the many people he met.
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  • breaking dawn

    breaking dawn
    This book was better than what i thought it would have been,I find it amusing that Bella ends up a pregnant bride in battle for her life.The baby they thought they would be living happliy ever after with,was destroying Bella.
  • twilight

    I absolutely loved this booked as it was a popular movie series it gave me confidence to read the book that has been inspiring the world,I find it highley fascinating that Bella and Edward end up togetherand are in the batter for life and peace against the wolves and I love the way they describe jacobs muscular body :P .