• Traditional Home Phone

    Traditional Home Phone
    This is an old home phone and does not have any buttons like a modern home phone.The date for this phone is unknown
  • Communication Phone

    Communication Phone
    These are communication phone which were used in the war. These were helpful and helped our men in the war.
  • Period: to

    Cell Phone

  • Rotary Dail Phone

    Rotary Dail Phone
    This is a rotary dial phone. This was invented in 1923 by a Frenchmen Antoine Barnay.
  • Brick Phone

    Brick Phone
    This is the brick phone. The first brick phone went up for sale in 1984. It weighed 2 pounds.The first phone sold was $3,995
  • Motorola

    This is the Motorola Startac. It was released in 1996. PC World ranked this the 6th best gadget in the last 50 years.
  • Motorola Phone

    Motorola Phone
    This phone is made in 1998. Motorla was the biggest selling phone untill Nokia took over
  • Slide Phone

    Slide Phone
    This is the slide phone.The slide phone is made of two parts the sliding screen and the keyboard. We think this might of came out in 2006
  • Iphone

    This is the Iphone and was released in 2007. This Iphone has a touch screen and features a camera.
  • Ipad

    This is an Ipad and was released in April 2010. Apple has sold 2 million Ipads.
  • Modern Home Phone

    Modern Home Phone
    This is a modern home telephone. This is one of the main gadgets of the modern age. We are not sure when this phone came out