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US History

  • Aug 3, 1492

    Columbus Sails from Spain

    Columbus Sails from Spain
    Who: Christopher Columbus, Queen Isabella I, King Ferdan II
    Why: Trying to find a safer, quicker route to Asia
    What: Sailing around the world
    Summary: Without Columbus finding the Americas we would probably never discovered America. We would have been still in the East and think we were the only people. Plus there would still be a lot of Indians.
  • Jamestown Founded

    Jamestown Founded
    Who: European
    Why: Trying to colonize the Americas
    What: Attempting to make a colony
    Summary: Without Jamestown the Americas would be mostly Spanish. There would have not been slavery and the trade route. This would probably be Mexico or Spain II, or something like that.
  • First Slave

    First Slave
    Who: Europeans, Africans
    Why: To work in Tobacco feilds.
    What: Bringing them from Africa to work.
    Summary: Because of Slavery, America was inhabited by peole of all color. If not there would only be white people in America. Then there would be no black people and a lot of us would not live here in America.
  • Pilgrims Come to America.

    Pilgrims Come to America.
    Who: Pilgrims
    Why: Seeking religious freedom
    What: They landed on Plymouth Rock
    Summary: Without the Pilgrims we would have no Thanksgiving. We would also not know who Pocahontas was. We also would not have tobacco plants.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    Who: Thomas Jefferson, America, Europe
    Why: We wanted to be a free country
    What: Declaring independence fron Great Britian
    Summary: Because they declared independence the colonies were no longer under British rule. We would probably be living under the Queen and Kings rule with high taxes. Then we would have never had Presidents.
  • Signing of the US Constitution

    Signing of the US Constitution
    Who: Federalist
    What: The Constitution was signed
    Why: To change the Articles of Confederation
    Where: Philadelphia
    Summary: the Federalist who were for the U.S Constitution. The Anti-Federalist were for the Articles of Confederation. But they made a compromise to form the Constitution.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    Who: U.S, France, Jefferson, Naepolean
    Why: It expanded the US
    What: We bought Louisiana Purchase
    Summary: Thomas Jefferson bought the Loisiana Purchase from the French. It expanded the US territory. Without it the US would still only be a small part of North America.
  • Missouri Compromise

    Missouri Compromise
    Who: Missouri, Maine, US Congress
    Why: It kept the balance between free and slave states.
    What : We brought Maine and Missouri in as states
    Summary: Missouri wanted to come in as a slave state bit to keep the balance the House of Represenatives addes Maine as a free state. Then they prohibited slavery north of Missouri broders.
  • Seneca Falls

    Seneca Falls
    Who: Women
    Why: They tried to establish women's rights
    Summary: Local New York women met to dicuss the role of American women. They started the Women's Sufffage Movement. The meeting lasted two days.
  • Compromise of 1850

    Compromise of 1850
    Who: Henry Clay
    Why: It temporarily avoided the Civil Wor
    What: Henry Clay set a line that prohibited slavery above it
    Summary: The compromise settled the slave dispute for a while. It made a line that kept the black people above it free and the black people below it slaves.
  • Kansas-Nebraska Act

    Kansas-Nebraska Act
    Who: Stephen Douglas
    Why: It repealed the Compromise of 1850
    What: Popular Soverinty was brought into Kansas and Nebraska
    Summary: In order to have the Transcontinental Railroad they had to populate Kansas and Nebraska. They Established popular soverienty and it brout conflict. They had free and slave states moving into one place which started a mini-war.
  • Dread Scott vs. Sandford

    Dread Scott vs. Sandford
    Who: Dread Scott, Sanford, Supreme Court
    Why: It declared that slaves were not citizens
    What: Dread sued his master
    Summary: Dread Scott was a slave who master had moved to the free states. He sued for his freedom. It was ruled that slaves were not protected by the Constitution and did not get rights.
  • Lincoln Elected

    Lincoln Elected
    Who: Abraham Lincoln
    Why: He became President
    What: He won the election
    Summary: Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican President. He said he was not there to abolish slavery. He got shot.
  • Reconsruction Starts

    Reconsruction Starts
    Who: America
    What: They rebuilt the south.
    Why: It was all broken
    Summary: During the reconstruction they rebuilt the south. They added the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendment. Then they put
  • Plessy vs. Ferguson

    Who: Homer Plessy
    What: Supreme Court Case
    Why: It ruled seperate but equal ok
  • Spanish-American War

    Spanish-American War
    Who: Spanish, American
    What: There was a war
    Where: Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, Phillipines
    Summary: The Spanish and Americans fought over the USS Maine. We became a imperialistic nation. We gained Phillipines, Guam, and Puerto Rico. We freed Cuba.
  • World War I Starts

    World War  I Starts
  • U.S involvement in WWI

    U.S involvement in WWI
  • Stock Market Crashes

    Stock Market Crashes
    Who: America
    What: They went into depression
    Why: Because
    Summary: The Crash had been the most devastating ever. It was the result of a 10 year ecomnomic slump.
  • Pearl Harbor (America Enters WWII)

    Pearl Harbor (America Enters WWII)
    Who: Japan, America
    What: America was bombed by Japaneese
    Where: Hawii
    Summary: The Japaneese planed a secret attack on the Americans. They attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawii December 7 early in the morning.
  • Sputnik