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Establishment of New Guidelines Following Acquisition of New Clinics

By trhodes
  • Meeting to initiate POC assignment

    This meeting will inform each department of the requirements they have regarding the administrative and logistical processes for setting up new clinics.
  • Standard Operating Committee will be selected

    With the utilization of one Medical Billing Manager, Human Resource Manager, Clinic Manager, Business Manager, and Technical Writer, the Standard Operating Procedure will begin being written to address all the standards and processes that will begin taking place under the new guidelines.
  • Deadline for departments to select their POC

  • Network Administrator/Programmer will begin work on the new electronic program

  • Draft Standard Operating Procedure will be submitted for CFO and CEO Approval

  • Business Manager, Medical Billing Clerk, and Clinical Manager will begin training employees the new system

  • Official Version of Standard Operating Procedure will be distributed to each person involved in setting up new clinics

  • Network Administrator/Programmer's last day