Algonquin History

  • Jun 10, 1500

    Fur Trading

    Fur Trading
    The Algonquins hunted many animals, especially beavers, and sold the furs to European traders. The Algonquins had many wars the Iroqouis to the west and south over land and the control of the fur trading.
  • Jun 1, 1570

    Algonquin vs Iroqouis

    Algonquin vs Iroqouis
    The Algonquins Formed an alliance with the Montagnais to fight with the Iroqouis.
  • Algonquins are losing

    Algonquins are losing
    The Algonquins are losing the battle to the Iroquis, keeping them from moving up the St. Lawrence River.
  • Samuel De Paul

    Samuel De Paul
    The French leader Samual De Paul created an Alliance with the Algonquins, helping them with guns. This scared the Iroquis, as the Algonquins killed two of the Iroquis chieftain with their new guns. The Algonquins didnt get any guns though, instead, they got steel knives and other weapons
  • Beavers

    The Iroquois had trapped all of their beavers in their own land (modern New York) and wanted to expand their hunting further North, which is home to the Algonquins. With the help of Dutch Traders giving them steel weapons,, the Iroquis fought the Algonquins, and won. This was because the French were busy with England
  • The French help out

    The French help out
    The French began selling guns to the Algonquins to help gain back the Southern Land (New York). But the guns weren't good enough. At the same time, French Jesuits were trying to convert everyone into Catholicism.
  • Smallpox

    Many Algonquins died because of small pox. The rest were scattered in weak, small groups.
  • The Iroquis grow strong

    The Iroquis grow strong
    The Iroquis were much stronger than the Algonquins, and the French were not supporting the Algonquins anymore.
  • Frenchies stepped in

    Frenchies stepped in
    The French had finally fought off the Iroquis. This helped the Algonquins trade furs again, but there were only around 2,000 Algonquins left.
  • Period: to

    Another Epidemic

    Another great epidemic had killed off many of the Algonuins. but, since there was peace, the Algonquins had slowly increased in numbers.
  • British impacts

    British impacts
    The British conquered Quebec, and the Algonquins gave up their Alliance with the French and joined the Britains. Since they were sided with the Britains, Algonquin men fought with them in the American Revolutionary War.
  • U.S to Canada

    U.S to Canada
    After the war, the British settlers chose to leave and moved North to the Algonquin lands.
  • Deforestation

    The British began to cut down forests to sell the wood. This ruined the Algonquins hunting grounds. They had to move into smaller and smaller reservations.