• Austrolopithicus

    Oldest Hominids, Ape Like. It is the remains of over a half a dozen species. Dates of known species spanned from 1- 4.2 Million years ago. Found in Africa southern part of the sahara. Preffered environments include tropical rivers and lake shores. Estimated brain capacity is 375-500 cc. Estimated height is 5 1/2 ft. Jaw and face stuck out. Teeth larger then humans.
  • Homo Habilis

    Estimated Brain capacity 510-750 cc, Males - 3-5 Females - barely over 4 feet, Arms still longer than legs at this stage. never left africa. Used tools.
  • Homo Erectus

    Known remains found between 1.9 million - 27,000 thousand years ago. Found to be located in northern and southern Africa. About 1.2 million years ago they moved to asia. Brain capacity 850-1200 cc. Height average is 5.9ft for males and 5.2 ft for females. Face sticks out, Reduced arm length and reduced tooth enamel. Painted caves.
  • Neanderthals

    Small body to retain heat, 5.5 feet tall, Slanted brow thick muscles and bones, Used teeth as thrid hand, dissapeared about 28,000 years ago, cannibilized each other. Neander Valley is where they were found. Used teeth as a third hand.
  • Homo Sapiens

    Similar to modern humans. Similar in height, size, and shape. Found 150,000 years ago–spread to Europe/Asia. Hunter Gatherer. Advanced language gave them the edge over the Neanderthals. Able to adapt to various environments.