6 Most Important Events of Richard M. Nixon's Presidency

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  • Richard Nixon is Sworn Into Office

    Richard M. Nixon becomes the 37th president of the United States of America. He fought for years against the Democrats in order to get this position, studied at two different law schools, and was a part of the House of Representatives before this.
  • Richard Nixon Creates Paranoia Over Vietnam War

    Nixon anounces different "advances" made by Vietnam to the US in order to gain support for the war. He also gets rid of parental and occupational restrictions in the drafting process, which means that any "able" citizen was expected to respect the draft order and fight in this War.
  • Richard Nixon Opens the Doors For Domestic Government Spying

    Passes act that allows for national "intelligence collection" on suspicious citizens.
  • Makes a trip to China

    Makes peace with China to make peace with the minister through the Shanghai Comunique. Called "the week that changed the world."
  • Watergate scandal beguins

  • Richard Nixon Resignates from Office

    After the facts of the Watergate scandal were revealed, Nixon could no longer stop the truth from coming out. He quickly resigns from office before he can be officially impeached, showing how egotistical he truly was.
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