6 Key Events in Malaya's and Singapore's from 1867-1942

  • Malaya Becomes a Crown Colony

    Malaya Becomes a Crown Colony
    The Straits Settlements, made up of Melaka, Singapore, Penang, and a few other places, became directly under British rule as an official Crown Colony. The colonies no longer had to listen to the regional office in Calcutta, India. But rather to the Colonial Office based in London. As a Crown Colony, the Straits Settlements was then ruled by a governor, based in Singapore, with the assistance of executive and legislative councils. This was the first step to statehood for the Straits Settlements.
  • Opening of the Suez Canal

    Opening of the Suez Canal
    The opening of the Suez canal had a widespread affect on the trade industry. For Singapore, it brought about more trade business and wealth. It revolutionized trade and was the cause of the boom in trade after 1869. Steamships were able to get to and from Asia faster and people were able to ship their items faster than ever before. Making Singapore the focal point of trade in the Eastern Hemisphere, as almost every shipped passed through the "Crossroads of Asia".
  • Treaty of Pangkor

    Treaty of Pangkor
    Signed on Jan 20th 1874, this treaty overrode the non-intervention policy of the British when the British government settled a dispute of the Malayian sultanate, and installed a British governor in the sultanate. This was the official beginning of British Malaya, and set the foundations of the Federated Malay States. Through this treaty, the British began to modernize and develop Malaya, bringing the otherwise stagnant Malayan states into the modern era.
  • Sir Henry N. Ridley appointed director of Botanic Gardens

    Sir Henry N. Ridley appointed director of Botanic Gardens
    When Ridley was appointed Director of the Botanic Gardens of Singapore he recognised the agricultural potential of rubber trees and conducted experiments that convinced him of the enormous economic potential of rubber as a plantation crop. Rubber estates in Malaya, beginning about 1896, were planted with Ridley's seeds. With his research, Ridley set the foundation of one of Malaysia's biggest exports in the 20th century. Allowing for unprecedented growth in the nation's economy due to this event
  • Anglo-Siamese (Bangkok) Treaty

    Anglo-Siamese (Bangkok) Treaty
    Also known as the Bangkok Treaty, the Anglo-Siamese Treaty was signed between England and Siam without Malaya's consent or say. It effectively divided the northern Malay states into two separate parts. The border between Thailand and Malaysia is the result of this treaty
  • Battle of Singapore

    Battle of Singapore
    Military forces of the Empire of Japan occupied Singapore after defeating the combined Australian, British, Indian and Malayan garrison in the Battle of Singapore.
    Singapore was officially returned to British colonial rule on 12 September 1945, following the formal signing of the surrender instrument at City Hall. During this occupation, horrible atrocities were comitted at the hands of the Japanese. Marking a darkspot in Singapore's history during this time.
  • 6 Key Events in the history of Malaya and Singapore form 1867-1942

    6 Key Events in the history of Malaya and Singapore form 1867-1942
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