Joyriding PPP

  • End-on Staging

    The scene begins with spotlights come up on each character as they speak their lines. Characters 1 and 2 should react to 3's decleration, so that there is a brief tableau after 3 speaks. The characters are not on levels. (Audience is infront of the characters)
  • Characters

  • Setting and props

    Setting and props
    Empy stage.
    Spotliht on each character as they speak.
    No props.
  • Period: to


  • Joanna- story

    All come back on- only Joanna on stage. Joanna walks to husband and starts fighting with him.
    - Kids are listning in.
    - Daughter tells son about pregnancy and her boyfreind.
  • Setting anf Props

    Joannas house.
    • Couch
    • Lampshade
    • Rug
  • Characters

    • Joanna
    • Husband- Wearig a suit. Hair well brushed -Two kids - Daughter wearing jeans and a baggy t-shirt with slippers. Son wearing blue jeans and a sports t-shirt. Son has no make-up. Daughter has no make-up except for dark red under eyes to show that she has been crying. Her hair is unbrushed
  • Characters

    Fiance- Wearing a short green dress with high heels. Rosy cheecks and dark red lipstick. dark eyes
  • Setting and Props

    • Table
    • Two chairs
    • Phone
    • Papers on table
    • Two pens
    • Coat
  • Clay- story

    Lights come back on. Doctor is at home planning wedding with fiance.
    His wife walks away to shower. Her phone begins to ring and he answers. There is no response. So he calls again. Still no answer. He then puts the phone down and begins to get suspicious. He picks up the phone and goes through it. He reslizes that she is having an affair. He reads a text out-loud "meet you at 5 at the park". He grabs his coat and leaves with the phone.
  • Jake- story

    Jake is watching tv when his girlfriend calls. She tells him that she is pregnant. The audience finds out about this when he acts surprised and says "YOU'RE PREAGNANT". He then begins to panic and throws his phone away. He looks around and finds his purse. He realizes that he only has a few coins left. He then grabs his hoodie and storms our of the room (stage)
  • Setting and Props

    Jake's room.
    • Bed
    • Laptop
    • Clothes everywhere
    • i-pod
  • Characters

    • Jake
  • Setting and Props

    Local Park
    • bench
    • Tree
    (in one corner of stage)
  • Characters

    • Joanna
    • Clay
  • Park - story

    Joanna arrives at the park and is sitting down on the bench sobbing. Clay sees her and simply sits on the other side of the bench. He asks her if she's okay and she explains her situation.
  • Characters

    Stranger- wearing a pair of shorts and a long sleeve shirt with an old cap. No make-up
  • Accident- story 2

    Light go off again. lights come back on and go off every 8 seconds. Everytime the lights back on, Jake is closer to the car. (Jake is walking up) When jake is really close to the car. Light go off completely and a large noice of a car crashing is heard.
  • Setting and Props

    • 2D car where two actors can sit and be seen
  • Accident- Story

    As Joanna and Clay leave the park, Jake is walking to the park. Lights go off. Spotlight is on Jake. Jake bumps into a strager and apologizes. The strager gets mad and starts yellig at him. He puts his head on his hand as if to say that it's such a bad day. Meanwhile, Clay and Joanna are getting into a car in the dark. After Jake is done, lights come back on. Joanna and Clay are in the car.
  • Heaven- story

    Lights come back on and they're in the same position as the beggining of the play. The actors then try to make sence out of their relationships with each other. They then all shake their heads, turn around and walk away (behind them) at the same time. As they walk away the lights dim. -END-
  • Characters

  • Setting and Props

    Setting- heaven Props- none