Lewis and Clark Expedition by Marley Dahlheimer

By 5poster
  • Louisianna Purchase

    Louisianna Purchase
    In 1803 our goverment bought a great deal of land from the british. Originally we only wanted a small peice of the land. But, because the British was going to war they offered double laand for a low price.
  • Period: to

    Years of their Expedition.

  • Lewis and Clark start their journey

    Lewis and Clark start their journey
    Lewis, Clark, and the corps of discovery start their expidition. Soon after they start they take a break for the winter season.
  • Lewis and Clark meet Sacagawea

    Lewis and Clark meet Sacagawea
    Sacagawea and her husband agree to acompany Lewis and Clark on their expidition when they start again after the winter.
  • the journey starts again

    After a long break though out the winter season Lewis, Clark, Sacagawea, and the corps of discovery head west to discover new lands.
  • the great rockies are found

    On May 26, 1805 the corpse of discovery and sacagawea saw the outline of mountains on the horizion. These mountains would be known as the rockie mountains. The sight was beautiful bt troubling because as they all knew they would have to cross them.
  • Another obstacle comes their way

    As the corpse of discovery are traveling the rockies they came across the missouri falls in present day Montanna.The water tumbled down as tall as a modern day 6 story building. The course of traveling the falls took up 24 days of the exploration.
  • The clearwater river is found

    After the long journey of the rockies the group finds a river caled clearwater. Lewis abandoned their horses and bulid new canoes. They thought that the streams on that side of the rockies would lead into the Columbia river.
  • Another tribe of indians

    The corpse of discovery came across the Chinook indians later on in their journey. The Chinook traded a good deal along the pacific. When they encountered them they knew they were getting clode to the pacific.
  • A family is reunited

    When the explorers were crossing the rockies they came across three shoshone indian women and a few children. Lewis had an American flag in his backpack if they were to run into any indians. The three indian women led them to their tribe.
  • A family is reuntited

    When the corpse of discovery was taken back to the village the cheif appeared. The cheif turned out to be Sacagawea's brother. The cheif Cameawait, gave them a place to stay in the village.
  • The short break is over

    September 1, 1805 the corpse of discovery leaves the Shoshone indians. Cameahwait gives them horses and a villager to show the best way to get through the rocky mountains.
  • The Storm!

    In mid september a harsh storm hit the corpse of discovery. It was so bad the guid got lost in the storm. Because of the storm the ounce abundant hunting game was scarse.The corpse of discovery had to kill some of their own animals for meat.
  • The goal is reached

    On the morning of november 7, 1805 the fog and mist cleared. The pacific was in veiw! The group made a winter camp on the mouth of the Columbia river.
  • The return is postponned

    Through out the winter the camp watched for ships to come along to take them home. No ships were seen. So after winter the journey home had to begin.
  • The journey home

    The corpse of discovery left camp to return to St. Louis. The way back was easier because they knew what to expect. Once they reached Mandan village they said goodbye to Sacagaewea and her husband.
  • The end of the expidition

    On september 23 1806 lewis and clark arrived in St.Louis Missouri just were 2 years earlier they had started. They had walked 8,000 miles! Their legacy still lives on even today!