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  • Marl Fox

    Marl Fox
    It is a book about a fox trying to kill the mice knight but the mice are to smart and they deaft marl fox
  • Holes

    Holes is the best book I ever read.Its a boy going to green lake camp for stealing a baseball players shoes.And its not like a normal camp because ever day you have to dig up a hole 5 feet deep.
  • Mostly Ghostly

    Mostly Ghostly
    This a great funny book about a kid having ghost and those ghost are making the kid mirsable and once he got the ghost out of his life a evil ghost trys to get him
  • Once

    Once is a book about a orphan boy trying to found his parents and stop the nazis destroying jewish books.
  • The Machine Gunners

    The Machine Gunners
    It's a boy called that found a machine gun from a German airplane and Chas took it to his air raid shelter and hid it with 2000 rounds of live ammo.
  • The Machine Gunners

    The Machine Gunners
    The ending was not that great but it's still is a good book.
  • The Power Of One

    The Power Of One
    I choose ths book because it looked intersting on the cover.When i first started this book i was into it like the holes book. It's about a boy who was been bullied because of his skin colour and trys to survie the south Afircan boarding school.
  • The Power Of One

    The Power Of One
    I have'd finshed this book and it was great the ending but I think the Holes book is a bit bit better.