• The Power Of One

    I'm up to chapter 9 in "The Power Of One" and I'm finding it very interesting. At the start I though that this book was going to be very boring but I'm staring to like it. I like it how Hoppie keeps incourging Peekay and helping him through life.
  • dolphin storys

    In this book I read about Precious Jack and how he always swam with the ferries across the Cook straight. Until one day, one of the men on the “penguin” shot at him. He never swam with the “penguin” again because of that day. After that day the people of New Zealand put a law to say that nobody could harm the dolphin. It was the first law to protect a dolphin. On day when Jack didn’t show up every one got worried. But still nobody found him. Jack was dead.
  • Goosebumps Horrorland

    Goosebumps Horrorland is a book series writen by R.L.Stine. I'm reading the first book called monster is about a boy who buys a can of green monster blood, and acceidently ate it. When he eats it he turns into a monster him self! He grows really tall, and if he touchs water he grows even more!!
  • The Temple Of The Ruby Of Fire

    This book is written by Geronimo Stilton.This book is about a mouse at Mouse Island who always goes on adventurer and gets asked to find a ruby. But it's a bit of a challenge.....
  • Period: to

    Sams Reading Log

    this is my reading log for the term. I will add a book every day as i start reading them, half way through and the ending.
    i will add discriptions about the book as well.
  • Bad Girls

    this book is written by Jacqueline Wilson. this book is about a girl called mindy who keeps getting picked on by the people in her school. but that all stoped when Tanya moved in next door it all changed............
  • The Illustrated mum

    This book is written by Jacqueline Wilson. This book is about a mum and her two girls that live in a small apartment. Dolphin's mum is the most tattooed woamen/mum that any one knows! Dolphin loves her mum and the creations on her, but star thinks different.... maybe she doesn't love her mum any more. Their mother, daughter relationship is breacking up just because Marigold has found Star's real dad.............
  • Night Of The Living Dummy 3

    It was a very good book about a girl who's dad is a person who play's with dummy's. He collects dummy's and stores them up in the attic for safe keeping. He see's a dummy in the bin and decides to take him home. Sophies cosein Jack is coming and he loves taking phots of every thing, but Sophie hates having her photo taken, and the new dummy is taking control.........
  • Night Of The Living Dummy

    Slappy. The name of the evil dummy that keeps haunting Britnrney has a plan. An evil plan. She was going to get rid of it, but she is to late.........Slappy has taken control of Britneys mind and made her his slave..........
  • The Revenge Of The Lawn Knomes

    Lawn knomes may seem cute, but not any more. The lawn knomes are taking over. But the kids have a back up plan. Its called the wood shreeder in the back yard. All they have to do is sneek out and chuck the knomes in it without dad seeing. They are success ful , but not for long. Dad has just gone and brought a new lawn ordamint. a huge grillor. Time to run!!!
  • Welcome To Dead House

    This book is about a family of four, plus the dog, get invited to live in a far a way old boring house. Well at least that is what britney and josh think. They are so sad because they had to move away from New York to a old broken house.
    But someone is spying on Britney from her bedroom window.
    A boy...........
  • The Power Of One

    This is a very interesting book. I'm up to the part in the book where you fell how are they going to sum every thing up in just these last 4 chapters. It is very exicting and Peekay is now the best boxer in the prison, and on of the toughest boys in his primary school at the age of nine turning ten in a few weeks.
  • The Beast From The East

    Sam and her two twin brothers are going on a family camp. In the middle of nowhere! "Go out and get some firewood" the last words they might here from there perants. Sam your incharge. Oh no. they are gone. Sam finds one of them but where is the other. a sudden rumble puts them off as they a put to a test. A game of tag. who will win and who will be eaten.
  • breackfast in bed

    this is an awesome book, when two girls their brother, loins mum and her dad. No not her dad. She doesn't have a dad. She has a step dad. The dork! But that all changes one night when she's been sent to bed with no dinner. Loin goes out into the kitchen, because some ones cooking chips. Arn't they????
  • The Dare Game

    I've only just started the book. It is about this girl called tracey. She likes to do outrageish things.